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Graeve, Oscar, Editor
Vol. 119, No. 3
New York: Butterick Publishing Company, September, 1931
102 pages ; 35 cm.

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[Cover] Delineator - September 1931, pp. [unnumbered]-1

[Contents] Delineator contents - September 1931, pp. [2]-3

The living Delineator, Graeve, Oscar pp. 4-[8]

Second hand wife, Norris, Kathleen pp. 9-11

Ancestral home, Canfield, Dorothy pp. 12-13

Sex education for older children, Gruenburg, Benjamin C. p. 14

The music-lesson blues, Craven, Margaret pp. 15-16

Beauty parade, Sutton, Gertrude Macaulay p. 17

The golden chain, Keyes, Frances Parkinson pp. 18-19

Half a loaf, Lewis, Grace Hegger pp. 20-21

A new glory in Manhattan, Platt, Joseph B. pp. 22-23

New equipment for your closets, Platt, Joseph B. p. 24

The "in-betweens", Cole, Celia Caroline p. 25

Cut yourself a piece of cake, Batchelder, Ann p. 26

Ready for anything, p. 27

Believe me or not, Batchelder, Ann pp. 28-[30]

They must be good or they wouldn't be here, Pennock, Grace L. p. 31

A complete rest, Havermale, Hazel pp. 32-34-35

Supreme moments in the theater, Phelps, William Lyon pp. 36-37

[Continued articles and works], pp. 38-41

The paper doily vogue, Ufford, Helen pp. 42-43

[Continued articles and works], pp. 44-48

[Letters to the editor] For and against, pp. 48-49

[Continued articles and works], pp. 50-83

[Delineator fashions], pp. 84-94

[Continued articles and works], pp. 95-[103]

[Cover], p. [104]

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