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Carroll, Eleanor, Editor
Volume 123, No. 5
New York: Butterick Publishing Company, November, 1933
98 pages ; 34 cm.

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[Cover] Delineator - November 1933, pp. [unnumbered]-1

[Contents] Delineator contents - November 1933, p. 2

The living Delineator, Carroll, Eleanor pp. 2-3

Helen Wills : the woman, Phelps, William Lyon pp. 4-[6]

A new young writer of 65, Graeve, Oscar p. [7]

The white heifer, Prichard, Ettie Stephens pp. 8-9

A feather in her hat, Wylie, I. A. R. pp. 10-11

Raise your boy to be a husband: it can be done, Castle, Marian p. 12

Raise your boy to be a husband: is it necessary?, Miller, Marion p. 12

World cruise, McBride, Maxine pp. 13-14

When the kidnapper comes!, p. 15

The young man's girl, Chambers, Robert W. pp. 16-17

Just listen to Eve, Craven, Margaret pp. 18-19

Once when it was June, Graeve, Oscar pp. 20-21

Mrs. Roosevelt's story of Val-Kill furniture, Platt, Joseph B. pp. 22-23

If I know what I mean, Batchelder, Ann p. 24

The turkey returns to the table, p. 24

"Home to Thanksgiving", Batchelder, Ann p. 25

Ann-A-Grams, pp. 26-[28]

Things to be thankful for, Pennock, Grace L. p. 29

Hollywood holds it high, Cole, Celia Caroline pp. 30-31

The tale of the jingle frocks, Willson, Dixie pp. 32-33

Ladies of the press, Davis, Maxine pp. 34-35

[Continued articles and works], pp. 36-65

It happens to rile the nicest husband!, p. 66

[Continued articles and works], pp. 67-69

Can you read character?, Child, Loise pp. 70-72

[Delineator fashions], pp. 73-86

[Continued articles and works], pp. 87-90

Advice on Pullmans, Cook, Elizabeth p. 91

[Continued articles and works], p. 92

Admonition, Cameron, Donaldine p. 92

[Continued articles and works], pp. 93-94

[Letters to the editor] For and against, p. 95

[Continued articles and works], pp. 96-[99]

[Cover], p. [100]

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