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Graeve, Oscar, Editor
Vol. 117, No. 2
New York: Butterick Publishing Company, August, 1930
84 pages ; 35 cm.

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[Cover] Delineator - August 1930, pp. [unnumbered]-1

[Contents] Delineator contents - August 1930, pp. [2]-3

The living Delineator, Graeve, Oscar pp. 4-[6]

Kathleen Norris: an appreciation by the editor, p. [7]

The love of Julie Borel, Norris, Kathleen pp. 8-9

Sands of time, Galsworthy, John pp. 10-11

What he thinks of youth, Phelps, William Lyon p. 12

Two other people , Sangster, Margaret E. pp. 13-14

Summer nights in New York, Smith, Alison p. 15

The hallelujah woman, Bradford, Roark p. 16-17

The trembling flame, Vance, Louis Joseph pp. 18-19

The wee men of Ballywooden, Mason, Arthur pp. 20-21

Dining-room details: a new recipe which creates hospitality for your family and friends, Platt, Joseph B. pp. 22-23

Mirror mirror on the wall, Cole, Celia Caroline p. 24

The hole story about hose, Babcock, Lucille p. 25

[Delineator fashions], pp. 26-29

From refrigerator to table, Batchelder, Ann pp. 30-[32]

The care and feeding of husbands, Batchelder, Anne; Batchelder, Dr. Esther Lord p. 33

Another page from our food diary, Batchelder, Ann pp. 34-35

The old order changeth, Pennock, Grace L. pp. 36-37

[Continued articles and works], pp. 38-69

[Delineator fashions], pp. 72-78

[Continued articles and works], pp. 79-[85]

[Cover], p. [86]

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