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Beauty: beauty secrets for everywoman


Brewster, Eugene V.; Montanye, Lillian; Fletcher, Adele Whitley, Editor
Beauty: beauty secrets for everywoman
Vol. II, No. 10
Jamiaca, NY: Brewster Publications, Inc, November, 1923
82 pages ; 30 cm.

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[Cover] Beauty - November, pp. [1]-4

[Title page] Beauty - Vol. II, No. 10 - November, 1923, pp. [5]-6

What makes a girl popular?, p. 7

The Memoirs of Mme. Vavara, Leeds, Stanton pp. 8-11

Beauty in Spain, p. 12

A titled business woman, Shannon, Betty p. 13

Power and poetry of breathing, Knapp, Penelope pp. 14-15

The beauty of tomorrow, Mason, Laura Kent pp. 16-17

Feather fan, Wintrowe, Norine p. 18

Professor Vitamine - beauty specialist, Paxson, Ethel G. E. p. 19

The beauty of story-book heroines, Waterbury, Ruth pp. 20-21

Home sweet home up to date, Perry, Montanye pp. 22-23

Imaginary conversations, Calhoun, Dorothy Donnell; Hall, Gladys pp. 24-25

Thinking beauty, Morgan, Mary Alice p. 26

Fashions, pp. 27-30

The appropriateness of clothes, Knapp, Penelope pp. 31-32

The school of beauty, Brewster, Guy Otis, M.D. pp. 33-34

Happiness, beauty's great recipe, Desha, Pauline pp. 35-36

Cavaliers, Lee, Lawrence, Jr. p. 36

Beauty in strange lands, Ramsey, Nadine p. 37

Women and marriage, Owsley, Hilda p. 38

Your shoes and your character, Bishop, William pp. 39-40

What boots it?, Billing, Beatrice p. 40

Hair health and hair beauty, Shaver, Anna Louise p. 41

A department on perfumes for personalities: the intellectual type, Strakosch, Avery p. 42

The question, Ryan, Marian p. 43

Our popular vote contest, p. 44

What the mouth tells, Cunningham, Jean p. 45

The royal path to beauty, Stearns, L. D. p. 46

Beauty and the beach, Andrews, Leonora de Lima p. 46

Nasal breathing and facial beauty, Glassburg, Dr. John A. p. 47

Do you have beauty problems?, p. 48

My lady's boudoir, Arden, Anne p. 49

[Continued articles and works], p. 50

Our letter box, p. 51

Teeth and their care, p. 52

If you would have a clear, smooth skin, p. 52

The use of perfume, p. 52

The beauty box, Palmer, Corliss p. 53

Whispering corner, pp. 54-55

[Continued articles and works], pp. 56-59

Educating the nose, Blair, Huntington p. 60

What you should know about your feet, Chanin, Dr. Jay M. pp. 60-61

Light as an aid to beauty, Newbold, Garda Kew pp. 62-63

[Continued articles and works], pp. 63-64

With the beauty specialists, The Stroller p. 65

[Continued articles and works], pp. 66-67

Our limerick contest, p. 68

Find beauty in your own mirror, Quinlan, Kathleen Mary p. 69

[Continued articles and works], pp. 70-71

Hands of beauty, p. 72

[Continued articles and works], p. 72

The upward curve: a smiling line, p. 73

Air, water and beauty, Chernoff, Madame Ida p. 74

[Continued articles and works], p. 75

Sleep: the natural beautifier, Richards, Keith p. 76

[Continued articles and works], p. 77

The hair and the brush, p. 78

Proper breathing as an aid to beauty, p. 78

[Continued articles and works], pp. 79-[83]

[Cover], p. [84]

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