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Mother's-home life
Vol. XXXIII, No. 1 (January, 1923)

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12     *
flacWry Sale
Copper.WaSh BolMr
-r__ A  co PPE
Extra strong. With removable copper sieve. Five.
inch screw cap with valve and bottom outlet valve. Far
preferabletothe old style. Boils clothes quicker and
cleaner with this new vacuum process. Unexcelled for
preserving fruits and vegetables. Jars will not crack
or break during cooking
12 gallon size * S13.50  20 gallon size - $20.00
10    "   " -   16.50   25    "    "  *  25.00
Our steamer is far preferable to all the old style boil-
ers. The screw cap and valve on top and on the side
prevent the scalding of your hands. The sieve prevents
the buring of clothes or food. Can cook several differ-
ent kinds of food in steamer at one time and also keeps
food warm until ready to serve. If your dealer does not
have the steamer, will ship securely packed on receipt
of price. Catalogue upon request.
D*pt. J-41 2650 No. Halsted St., Chisge
he'eresee Gosmoplitaa Bask, Chicago.
L  iceofixuso
ing our MaiBalg
W.e-- les at 5c box. We Truss
Yu' OrderSevenBoxcesTodayOu
Post- ICrd-wesend    mptly-pre-
paid. Easy to       ineveryhose
Return money as instructed, chooping
your gun according to one of the plans
owninourBig Premium List. Aso 200
other Gifts or Big Cast Commission if you
preer. Ifyou are prompt. a special Free GA.
Wamsiy C. 281 Teser Id&, Iseensa  PS.
* Box Free To You!
W-uld You Like Such a Realt as This?
Do you want, FREE, a trial box
of Koskott, that has proved suc-
cessful in so many cases? If so.
You need only to answer this ad.
b? post-card or letter, asking for
FREE BOX. This famous pre.
raration is for dandruff. thinn-
ing hair and several forms of
BALDNESS. In many cases a
rew hair growth has been    e
pored when all eleI   e
hd failed. so why FRE
not see for yourselt
Koka    to use  by men and women: Is ts perfectly
harmies and often Starts hair xrowth in a few days.
Koskett lAboeratory, MB491, Station F, New York
Stop Using a Truss
are dttierent from the truss.
if.9 % being Imedicine applicators     g
m'uscles securelyinpae           g
we straps. bookles er *Prins
ttached - cannot Slip. so
sot." chafe orpress against
teputc bone. Thousands
have successfully treated
themselves at home without
_a"     hindrance from work-most   Vrn Pf
obstiate cases conquered.
S. apsay s        aplpg .psssve. Awarded
ad    ed             P      Process 0re     r ei
natural, So afterwards no further tse for trusses. We
prve it by sending Trial of Piapao absolutely FREE
Write name On Coupon and send TOA FY.   RE
FbW     C.,    1779 $WIrt     . St. Wents. M.
Siam e  ..**-. -.. ...... . . .I. . . . . . . . . I. . . . . . . .
Addre   . .....
asturn mail will britna Free Trial Plaps............
SG# B E Most Profitablechlickens,
64BRE            EduSj uk    n     w
-a  -  ,-J1-fam
a't e r Ir9-page book and catalog free.
R.F.NEUBERT         S  85.Masb. Minn.
knafrda  k~  me--l 00, ofeetaeo6wred
( ention which) at  ee  rtarge
i   IAk. Easily sold - EARN e1
-sra. MotSto-ay. Send Gn mooe.
We trust you till seeds are sold.
AMERICAN SEED CO. e."A1         ,
Mother's- Home Life
Interesting         to   Home                     Wood Built Houses            t                               . 1   eroidSet
TFrom  the settling of the colonies to urta
Americapresent day wood has played the eadiac eiven. We                                                      Siveois
aret bein  usedca chintu                                  ldig, sunfas goods  andsie                                v r i
Set. Beautiful Pattern, will
tid  ie aakbter srie                    patanerenhonb moigreasrh-fl
itect           Whitehead,    his booklet, hrnever tarnish. ell only 2
La-rc  Curtains PGood House-," prepared for the Weye- s Whitt
thnes demasand forlaen gsinghm      0areRI
the  cma   nd      te urtains for the   heuser Forest Prodits.   "The methods of
ec                                        c    nstrictimn differed   various localities,                     salve at 25c. each and return
are being used chintz, snfast goods and     owing to the cotHomitioning factors of cliat                   Picture Free with each box.
other trape   materials  which decorators   ani personal tastes, and front thse vria-                      We Trust You. Our plan
find  give far better service,  are  motre   ions have colni' Ils  diversified styles Of                     cett and squarest. We are
cheerful, sanitary antI ec-onomical.        (our Amtetricant atrchitectttte.  So many oif                    reuick. DOu 2oth ear rit
Dealers report that silks. clitzes, c   the old hotses, biilt 200 or inre years ago, bott om              W     ot CEAl
toines. brocades and  even ginghams are r       iPt. S334                                                                Tyrone. Pa.
the materials finding the moat favor woth   wood-built house is conclusively pd.
the housewife who wants an attractive                 Fire Ila-lard O,-crdraton
window   decoration.                           "The tire httzard in a wood hous is vey   C       P   P      R        C       N
Sa du                                     ch  overesti t ed.  Statistics anw dhwarmPwterRwiltqui
e     Soe bo                             per cent of orll dwelling house ires orig-     FOR GARAGE AND HOME USE
The use of white sand, yes. white sand, ate inside the house. due to ofrelessness    Nlade o       zp            r extra heavy
in  a  home are varied, and     while not ad to sch strtctral defects as faulty       gauge, guarliteed absolutely airtight.  All
otherwise known, very isefl.                wiring, improper constrctioa g  of chineys,  seams soldered on the
('lean, white santd placed in the bottom   fireplaces, etc.  Stice the interiors of al-  Outside. Highest grade
of Chinese lanterns will partly stop their  itost all houses tre biilt of vood, the vast     6 gal.     $5.45
swayUing and hence lessen the danger from     ajority of houses, regardless of exterior      8 Tb.l t6.95h
igniting,                                    wall constructio, are eqally stsceptible to   10 fu  a.    7.95
Sand and    warm   water   will  quickl y  tire. With modern nittehods of tire-topping   15     ... 9.95
cleanse milk bottles, fruit Jars or other    frame houses, methods which are both sim-       20 ".       12.95
glass retainers to reach the interior of     pie atid inexpensive, the danger froltt tire    25 "1...14.95
which is difficult.                          in a well tilt fcasic house is negligile.  Write for our circular as we a
sand                                         "Of all the materials sed for house ion-  have larger sizes. s well as the
The twot borer madyhe to ttrv
the fioors of the kitchen.   Heated bags     trtctiot. tood is I-lpoorest condtctor of  items. When ordering, send cash
of sand are   used  instead  of hot water    beat and cold annd  by  e proer application  money order or bank drift.
teof hose Insulating aterials, it is today                                              BRIGHTON SALES EXCHtNhe
bottes.possible to bulild a wood house tha~t wkill iii-                       3818 So. Kedie Ave.. Dept. 3041, Chic-ago, IUI.
Ustng That Old Tablecloth             sure the utmost cothfort in all seasons t
How   one holsewife found an excellent    the year.
use for an old but fine linen tablecloth              Good Dcsiq(  Important.                                          HAMIlTON
whi- had begun to wear out in places         "Undoubtedly  much   of the   mtsconctls
is worth knowing. Heres her secret         tion concerning modern wood htilt hove- sea
The     two borders  made two attractive s dte to the lack of both good design fru it
matching bureau and chifferette scarfs by    the observtnce of proper constrution pa6.
crocheting a picot edge about them    and    tires in thetr btilding.  So
embrosdering   a large monogram    In the    wood houes are built without fiha l                                     GOODS SENT
enter of each.   The remainder of the      design and with only cheapnies     of con                                 PPI PEPA ID to
tablecloth made two trayclotbe    for the    struction in mind, tbitt many personsjhave                               your door plan
children's places at the table and r        ome to look   tpon aiail wood h                            aO             wg stead
toisevoid of any possibility of interest tr                                              work: no canvassing. Send stamped envelope for
r        achatn.                                    No hoe, regardless of the ats-
A4rtificial Fruits for Table          rial of which it is built, can he attractive  1prtces pi.UIESL CO., Dept, 69, Philadelphia, Pa.
fro   s marbl  nderfmillvinatuale frutse  unles by hstelmnsfgo             design.UIES
mountainside of northern Italy who carves      'With a given Stin  for Investment ynouionshr  samnI  ml  ilg  nte uls  thsteeeet  fgo  o   o
and tints them  so skillfully and naturally  coil more completely equipped house than      ~        aIy               su.s
that even   horticulturists  mi t inspect   by the use of any other ateral     That
them   closely to determine their artificial- fu  so tre, in fact, that it ay be questioned
ity.                                         frm the standpoint of cost whether a small
This man, whose age Is 80 years, daily     house shoud ever he built of anythtng hut
h        o    o         a    a   fruyou a sample of the famous Alexander Vitamines
from marble and the world wonders at his                                                 absolutely Free. Do not send any money-just your
t    mlent.   a  frne        dot        in
It was from his studio that the penchant     Appeals for Smyr'na Sufferers             namewand Saddeion Kalxas de Lboraois..0
sprang for artificial fruit which is now       In reslpottse to appeals from  Constals-  Gaea     ttoKna      iy   o
gaining great favor In the United States.    tin ople and at the request of the Stale      I_______COLO___________
Choose Wallpaper with Care             Department at Washington    the Near East
Relief is makig a special appeal for funds
When you choose the wallpaper for your     to aid the 500,000 or more refugees made                                 ;
home. select it with special  are. If you   homeless by the advance of the Turks an
are a renter, you will find that many        the burning of the Christian sections of
apartments are fortunately   decorated  in   Smyrna.   The condition  of the innocent                      1i.      ..........
good  ae                                   and  homeless victims of this disasterimp
The  five-room  apartment or house al-     especially  the  women   and  children  is o u.. ...f..
ways includes bath and sometimes a su-      most pathetic.
room, in addition to the living   room, two    Supplies In the hands of the Near East ou.S.SUPLYCOMPANY oUJE27rtilsPL
bedrooms and a kitchen. Sometimes these      Relief were at once rushed to the scene,
rooms are found already papered and the      hut the situationftwhich is growing worse bluhletry Book                 od   yt;144
pattern is atrocious. With this condition,   daily makes these wholly inadeqtate to h t                aing,
visualizing furniture settings and that "at  the great need. H. C. Jahuoith  Near East pesl=r                        d      i uobrad
home" feeling is utterly impassible.         Director at Constantinople. is now     at t i  ado imo-e
To avoid these wallpaper jolts, if you     Smyrna In charge relief work.       Con                e    e    rutee Mailrd f-r tet.
redecorate, use care In the selection of    riutions are trans    tet by cable from           Berry's Poultry Farm. Box 59, Ciarnda. Iowa
patterns and colors,                        the headquarters in New York.
Since the Smyrna relief most he an ad-                                                     LAND OPPORTUNITY,
HowtoUseOl Liendition to the work of the organization in               201. It', S0 I tRt TRAtCTS t or thriving cVint lower
An  old linen tablecloth, by cutting out   aring for its 100,00  orphan wards, con-    Micl. et   e '  el n bal ate long time. Investi-
newnessd tot you  furnture trym they slip-onafo fe boke
the best par can he easily   e              tributors to this emergenlmy fun  are asked gwatehatg these  i s  'A reN     CO.. frebol
aL pretty cover for the kitchen table. Hemn  to mark their checks -Smyrns."     Checks   gitvg fultl Bitro,ite9, S Ciflcir AN  O. -1
it all around and then embroider a blue      ay he mailed to Near East Relief, Cleve-
initial in the center and cross stitch the  land   H. Dodge.    Treasurer.  151  Fifth
corners with bluet.A
Better-Furnished Homes       Aorn
President Harding's sentiment regard- C                    R Y ZEN E
ing American home isn      s.       rr. Buck
"The  realization of our hi est hopes   Analgesic aid deatiyeetrit tablets cure Colds. Bran- Eat al you want. what you want. when you want to.
lies ti the continued construction and im   chitis La Grippe lo m  Headsche Nealaa Pain  Getrd olDypepsia, laliestio% Catarrh of te Stomath, Deim
proved character of our homes beca        et PoirS cyur
r re      Illinois  Chemical  sad  Drg  Products  Co.s  F              emre  Flaterice. Soo  Stomach, C
they have the first influence in the stand-       7451 Catage G   Av   Chcgo Ill         Fssess CstipationHeadAtek.
ard of America living."                                                                R tSaed a b e               to help pay coat of
And   better furnished  homes increasus rainitg and we will send you a
that Influence and standard. E                                                                              gD.Chsucae $1 Pgtepd FREE.
Sour                irter how severe or lore-
SlipOnsfor  urntur                                                E                  sinmg your ease is, . mailer
To get a change or an appearance     o
newness to your furniture, try the slip-on    A     t   m     ,    C       ar    h      what tesmns yes ha tried. order tis PeptopsTOA
scheme. There is no limit to what thes             CANB-U                 E             DR. G. C. YOUNG CO.. Dept. 0, JACKSON. MICHI.
slip-on  will do for a room and you wile         CAorU
also come to love your furniture.                                                       I   Wil       Give      Yo         Thi
New- fas toned, sprightly  slip-ons  for                       Guaranteed Treatment
furniture are madie from   crinkly chintz            W            Thousands of cases
or beruffled taffeta.                                            during the past27 years           G      D    0    L
Very often the furniture becomes wdrn              av               y       t  t .  y4 y        neenttosendlMary Jane ree to every little
tsr shabby and the owner doesn't cure to                         simple. inexpensive           i1 uihere this paper goes. She's sweetest and
invest in a complete new   aet.   Here the                       method discovered by            -   Dolly You ever saw. Fully dressed,
slip~ons serve their purpose. Any dealer  J Y. McFarland who                             ted capromper suit. stockings and ofp-
orinntru                      tpa                          Stylish bobbed hair you can comb, She
will advise you as to color, material and                        "N Cure  Play." ofwnks aered epes goe to tleap and can cry
your  problem   is  solved. You   have  a           voutlou like olive baby, Most won-
hange andasryour                                           .      Hundredsfunoiciu. r mderfuof all, her legs move and ae
the oldec                         houes builtr 200 ormoeyerao
rmnn        th       ted letters prove the                 walksilkereal. She won't break if
tyou drop her. She'll not cost you a penny,
6    o  efficiency of this rem.         Sohs  This Puzzle
matinid        t    edyhous . d tuborncaes onake out two 415112112
aLd to suhstutua                                      efects asfult
fiecsJ. Y M tiein    ed b umbers
Afra What                We     Have     Done     For                       s 
Others, We Can Do For You E
Sure Relief for Hay Fever                 A FOOTl      Send No Money igi ble .odw
"OfT all  thd ma er al  u.e for  ho s  won-
of~~Fer                                                    ofouse inslain  maeiaani soa
p    ari d all Bronchial Troubles  w  in-                                      ouss
Wart-i  asO~artie~  ~  ~EUREKA REMED Y CO.                              *         at ul.141 W. thio SI., teil. lae  heats, Ill,
AGENTS WANTED--'--,                             AfmreverGal do s h d fold rte   could
SU           youted our remedy soved ne nod I
$1o77        aM  ristro  and healt woo il ouse
t      thank  o pry much.  nDONDst   pYra
p555 pns atd i w La   Sattiics inathe 132 ui1 Ave.. East Maline, ill.
'seas  ~   a  eaak~nt~e,    wood hoes abiltalyul charespept toneh foR                   ng      F      E
8O5TON JEWELRY CO. 39 W.Adamaat.EU. Chicago   SEND No MONEY-just your name and addressRi                        g   Y       E
deiand w   ith    on l cheapessi onefucon
s garancted treatment, When theperotnsi delivers            P -n2i
oe        5.0, oe as directed     n o t h i e              Whine
you haer ef  s guaranteed in o fr igned certieate-
Wash Dresses?                      return and we wilt refund your money. Your prac- Send No Money
tion in complete as the U. S. Govemment compels us .          y
CASH'S WASH TRIMMNGS                  to make good on all claimn made thrugh the mail.           wil /  ~ s yfour am andadr aind wet
"Witll seniveyouufourrofnourtfine Art
Wi,: trim them aver so attractivelyu Besureandstateifyou willpayyourpostmanse.00                 Picturesto dispose ofoi special ie double
isen remedy is delivered,                            value offer. Send the be.t you collect and
Write for FREE     illustrated bsooklet, sr   If you wish furth r information, write for booklet as reward we will send you this elelalt
send 2Z ''-ila for f,,ur yard p-cregularly    giving additional tstimonials.            e-        ring. Sore to delight yoitS wonderfufre
4  cents.                                      EA   EA Rward fo little effort.
3. &                              I. CASH, Inc.  oREKA  REMEdy  CMPANY         -            Home Ring Club
3t3 Chestnut Street     South Norwalk, Coin.   Ro                                                     E. Lake Si.           Chicagorta.

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