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Mother's-home life
Vol. XXXIII, No. 1 (January, 1923)

Wallace, Emma Gray
Four minute talks with mothers,   p. 10 PDF (903.1 KB)

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Mother's - Home Life
The "Lucille"
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Four Minute Talks With Mothers
HE nursing mother must partake of          NE   of our patriotic, as  Well as
an abundant but simple diet. Any-       mother duties is to save life,-either
thing which disagrees with her or         the lives of our soldiers, or our
causes indigestion will be reflected      citizens at bore, by means of the
by the child at her breast. If she suf- right food, care, and environment.
fers  from   constipation, diarrhoea, or   It Is a real duty for the mother to
headache, she may be quite certain that nurse her baby when she can, for sta-
her own food and habits need attention. tistics tell us that the chances for life of
It is better for her to eat oftener if the breast-fed    baby as compared    with
necessary, than to overeat at any one those of the bottle-fed one are approx-
time. What, one mother may be able to imately as one to six. Not only has the
digest with comfort may be quite out of litte one a better chance of life, but it,;
the question for another, so every nursing development will take place in a steadier
mother must watch her own condition and and more normal manner than when fed
just how baby is digesting the food she by substitute means and its resistance to
furnishes If she wishes to be sure that disease will be much greater.
she is doing exactly the right thing.      It Is now   thought that if a mother
If baby cries after nursing as If in dis- cannot nurse her baby wholly, that she
tress or passes stools which are green, should conserve the natural supply as
watery or slimy, grey or clay colored, long as she can, supplementing it to the
dry or curdy, the mother may be sure that extent necessary.  This is somewhat dif-
either the food Is not right or baby is un- ferent from  the old theory  that baby
able to take care of it. Healthy stools in must either be fcd on the breast or the
the young child are about the color and bottle, as "driving a two horse feeding
consistence of mustard paste and almost team" Is likely to be disastrous. We are
Inodorous. There should be at least a now convinced that the natural food con-
couple of movements daily.               talus the life-giving vitamines and oiler
On general principles the mother should elements  so  essential  to  the  child's
avoid  rich puddings, freshly  baked or growth    and  Nature considerately takes
under-done bread, rich or soggy pastry,are of the breast milk and its modilica-
foods fried in fats, pork and beans, pork tion without any  recourse  to puzzling
and cabbage, veal, corn, salads, pickles, tables of weights and measures.
alcoholic drinks, acid  fruits and  veg-   The mother who would have plenty of
etables, and highly spiced dishes.       milk for her child should take care of her
Her diet may    include suitable vege- own health before baby comes, giving her
tables well cooked, ripe, non-acid fruits, breasts such attention as may be necessary.
meat, poultry, and fish in moderation if  n addition to this she must make up her
it does not disagree, milk, thoroughly mind from     the beginning that she will
cooked  cereals, bread, especially  that feed  her child In the natural manner.
made of whole grain, simple desserts, Even if she has failed to be able to nurse
gruel, cqcoa. one cup of tea or coffee at previous children, It does not necessarily
a meal if not too strong, simple cake, and prove her inability.  One mother of my
a little Iee cream occasionally.          acquaintance had no natural nourishment
She should take plenty of time with her at all for her first baby. With the second
meals, masticating her food thoroughly one there was a slight flow of the lacteal
and enjoying them    amid pleasant sur- fluid which   however, disagreed with the
roundin gs.  If the food  is improperly child. Wit6 the third little one she said,
mixed with the alkaline secretions of the "I shall begin in time and I am going to
mouth by imperfect mastication, proper succeed."   To her great delight her hopes
digestion is utterly impossible in the later were realized and her child thrived anlen-
processes of assimilation. This means that didly.
dilgestion is bound to follow. Food par-  Above all things the mother who would
iken of in an   atmosphere   of  hurry, urse her baby must avoid worry, anger,
v. orry, or fault-finding is not taken care fear  or excitement as these emotions
f readily or completely by the system   change the quality and nature of the food
r the reason that the flow of the di- in actual point of chemical composition
z-tive juice is retarded. In that case making It Indigestible for the Infant. The
baby will get the ill effects speedily in mother should enjoy life, avoid fatigue,
the fiorm  of poor mjk. If baby is to and cit and drink with the welfare of her
thrive LO oopoe must be harmonious, child in mind.
the ie of ourolderso     u
W   hat a    W   orker Can         DO      A covered bow    ofoauebu        glass
Thit wonderful dexterity  acquired  by  holds a ball of blue twine. Inclosed in
American women in industry is Illustrated  an attractive box. A bowl of this sort
by the following account In The World Al- makes a charming gift.
tanac, taken from the records of an loves-         Afsernoo    Dreses
tigator for the United States Department of  Afternoon dresses fashioned of the rich-
Labor:                                   eat material reveal intricate draperies.
A telephone operator's average dai  hor                 os       t
are eight and one-half, but what with over-
time. Sunday work, "workin through," lose     A new version of the always becoming
of relief, or excess loading,'mteoe areooften  draped hat on tamn o' shnter lines is dis-
nxeeeded. Two hundred and twenty-five calls played in a    particularly flattering model
per hour, or three and one-half per minute,  of brilliant steel-blue velvet with  n or-
seems an example of real 'speed." and yet nameit of silver.
the npeak load' often exceeds this.               Hint to Housewives
In the needle trades a girl tends a sewing  Preserves and canned goods ilhould al-
machine carrying twelve needles making ways be shielded from the tight. An old
4.000 stitches a minute, or 2,400.000  in window shade will answer. It should he
ten hours, often working In a bright light bung exactly a It would  e at the win-
and with unshaded eyes, and amidst a deaf- dow, and  when drawn    will effectively
ening roar,                               darken the shelf.
In the pea-canning Industry a girl insji.ta       Care of Stockinesa
two cans of peas per second or 72,000 per  If silk stockings are washed after each
day. The cappers place the caps on the   time they are worn they will last longer.
cans at the rate of sixty to eighty per It Is the perspiration that causes the for-
minute.                                  mation of holes, and rinsing them out lim-
In the shoe Industry a workman revolves iates that source of trouble before it has
the shoe insuch marmner as to trim off the  a crancih to get In Its work.
crimped ow eus leather from the "Upper."
His task is a,200 shoes a day.dt                       t      hem   s
In the eymletting department of the shoe               beginn in  tth       w
Industry an expert worker can finish 2,000
pairs of women s shoes In one day. Each of           INa        Y   STO       E
these shoes has as many as twelve holes
Irregularly spaced, making 48,000 eyelets
per day.
Good Thots For Wee Tots
1. I am well,
I am strong,
I am happy
All day long.
2. 1 am good,
I am true,
I am loving,
So are you.
3. 1 am straight,
I am tall,
I can skip
And never fall.
4. 1 am kind,
I am sweet,
I have lovely
Things to eat.
S. I am brave,
I am wise,
For a little
Child my size.
Alberta Mastin Carter in November Nautilus
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ing a valve. No need to worry about
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low  priced-will last a lifetime. 100,000
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Banish Pimples
By This Method
Stuart's Calcium Wafers Have Re-
markable Action in the Skin
Texture to Aid Beauty.
If your face and shoulders are troubled
with pimples that become rashy at certain
periods, get a box today of Stuart's Cal-
cium Wafers and in a few hours you won't
question  why   they are the best known,
most widely used and most successful com-
plexion beautifier ever found.    They clear
your blood, they remove the sluggish im-
purities that gather to make pimples, boils,
rash, blackheads, blotches. muddiness and
such blemishes. The calcium itself is the
greatest skin influence known. It causes the
skin to wake up, it begins its work at
once, you observe the results and in a few
days there is absolutely no question as to
the wonderful action of Stuart's .Calcium
Wafers. Get a 60 cent box today at any
drug store.   They are truly a complexion
marvel and never again will you be in des-
pair to find something to make your com-
plexion beautiful and keep it lovely.
Oriental Rose Bushes
12 f or 10 cts.
&LessThan8 WEEKS after ilantingthoSee4
This May Seem 1Iposaibl. BUT  E DO
You win have a ROSE BUSH IN 4 WEEKS
TREE Years Old Wilt Have rom 500 to soo
Feekage Of Seedawith OUR GUARANTEE sad e-dCATALOG
BY MAIl. 100 3 PACKAGEs 25 CTS.
Tortoise Shell Spectacles
On Free Trial
Not a Penny to Send
My   large sized  true  vision
Tortoise Shell Spectacles will en-
able you to read the smallest
print. thread the finest needle,
see far or near.    They will
he sent to you on free trial.
Send no moneyl Pay no
C. O. D.! Just your name, ad-
dress, and age, and how many
years you have worn glasses, if
any.  If after a ten day trial
you are amazed and delighted.
send only $4.49, otherwise return them and there
will be no charge. Order today and receive a beau-
tiful gold lettered Spectacle Case FREE.
Dept. DR 1942   1462 W. Madiso St,   Chicago, III.
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The newest and most at-
trartive bag carried this
scason-1hey are all the
rage in the cities-you will
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id and extra fittings just
lke the illustration.
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our fast selling arti-
cles to dispose of at
35e each when finished
the bag Is yeurs. We
wit give a free gift to
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doll every girl's   art is           .Lw
for. Mary Ann will come
withotati.9ue ... ept. 'mevi0 Inches
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when You lay ~er down-o tok
bS    , ake-W ike e.
mooty      eero' looe. Ct sik
oe.patent leather up1pers
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doing me a little /
favor Jd nuat               Send
so de ibed ohv.e, orso       N
tir ~e,,olloeo.  v;t,,/ N'oL
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