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Mother's-home life
Vol. XXXIII, No. 1 (January, 1923)

Norton, Adnil
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Mothers -Home Life
Evelyn Dare's Story
By Adnil Norton
VELYN DARE was a stenographer, an orphan, obliged to provide
for herself. This she was competent to do, and every day her
typewriter rattled away in company with other typewriters used
by other girls in a large room presided over by a kindly forewoman. For-
a while Evelyn was happy because she was independent, well and strong,
but there came a time when she could not sleep and arose fatigued, her'
back ached and she had bearing sensations, she could hardly drag her
weary body to work. Every day she grew worse. She knew in a vague
-way that the organs peculiar to her sex were not normal and regular
and, finally, not being able to longer endure the pain, she consulted a
physician, who, after questioning her closely, advised her to take Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription which he knew would help her as it
was a potent, yet harmless herbal remedy for the ills peculiar to women.
She followed his advice, and after taking it for a few weeks, good,
a'cund refreshing sleep returned, the irregularities and pains and aches
ceased, her eyes sparkled and a fresh color crept into the pale cheeks.
Her rosy cheeks and satiny skin proclaimed her health and Evelyn
blessed the old physician for recommending Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Thousands of women from every state in the Union testify as to the
merits of this Prescription of Dr. Pierce's.
Portland, Ore.-"Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription helped me back to health
after I had tried various remedies for feminine weaknesses, all of which had
failed to give me the help I needed. I had been suffeting for some time from
general debility and a nervous break-down, my entire body and mind felt weak
and broken down. I took two bottles of the 'Favorite Prescription' and then
felt better than I ever did in my life. I had been taking medicines for a long
time, but two months' use of the 'Favorite Prescription' did me more good than
all I had taken before. I also found Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets good for the
somach; they regulate the bowels In a quiet easy way, cleanse the stomach and
aid digestion. They are so good that I keep a supply in the house for family
use."-Mrs. Geo. Spees, 913 Michigan Ave.
Syracuse, N. Y.-"Dr. Pierce's Favot'ite Prescription has given me the great-
est help in the world. Lnie few years ago I was suffering with woman's weak-
ness. This naturally caused use to become all run-down, weak and nervous. I
had severe backaches and could not eat or sleep well. I took the 'Favorite Pre-
scription' and it gave me strength and restored me to perfect health. I obtained
such good results at that time, I have depended on the 'Prescription' ever since
when in need of medicine to build we up, and have never found it to fail. I
can highly recommend Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription to weak and nervous
women."-Mrs. Elizabeth Becker, 724 Delaware St.
Bedford. Pa.-"I was all run-down, weak and nervous, suffered from back-
aebes and was very miserable. I took Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription and it
built me up In bealth and strength and made me feel like a new woman. I have
also taken Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets and find thpm an excellent regulator of
the stomach, liver and bowels. They tone up the entire system. I can highly
recommend these medicines of Dr. Pierce's for they do all that he claims for
them."-Mrs. Mary Hoopengardner, 209 Sprlng St.
South Bend, Ind.-"Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is the only medicine
I ever found that gave me any relief. I was suffering for some time with inward
weakness. Through this I became a nervous wreck and was so weak and 'all
In' I could not do my work. I had backaches and pains In my sides. Neither
the doctor's medicine nor any other seemed to touch my case or give me any
relief. I at last decided to take Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription vnd from the
first it seemed to give me new life. It completely relieved me of my weakness
and improved my general health in every way."-Mrs. A. Hapner, 527 E. Monroe
All women who suffer from feminine disorders are invited to write
the Faculty of Dr. Pierce's Invalids' Hotel in Buffalo, N. Y., for free
confidential consultation and advice, no charge being made for this
high professional service. This will enable ev'iry woman to benefit by the
advice of the distinguished corps of physicians whi-h Dr. Piercehas
gathered about him in his celebrated Buffal<> institution.
All driggists sell the Favorite Prescription in liquid or tablet form
or send 10 cents for trial sample to Dr. Pierce's Invalids' Hotel, 665
Main St., Buffalo, N. Y.
41hi -
Cognight lt-e. Nwsn le3
Miss Dorothy Dickson
who is starring in the Lonion produi
tion of "Sally", wearing a charming manuv,
taffeta hat, trimmed with pink roses. A
delightful creation for summer and early
fall wear.
The Volcanoes of Hawaii
The entire group of Hawaiian Islands,
twenty in number, extending in a chain
for hundreds of miles, is of volecanic origin,
says The World Almanac, though some of
the islets and reefs are but the wave-bat-
tered remnants of volcanoes whose fires died
out long ago. The Island of Hawaii has
been formed by the coalescence of many re-
cently formed volcanoes.   The walls of
the crater of the active volcano of Kilauea,
in its ways, but it is now so well behtav-d
on the island, are broken down on on
side, giving access to its "lake of fire.
This volcano has not always been gentli
that the visitor can    stand  safely  on
the edge of its fiery pit and, if the vol
-uno is active, watch the molten rock boil-
ing and spouting 100 to 300 feet below.
Sometimes many fountains throw up jets of
glowing sulphurous lava and light up with
ghastly glare the frowning crags that rim
the crater. Then, suddenly and with deaf-
ening detonations, the jets rush together and
convert the lake into a burning, seething,
roaring mass, making a scene to which few
others in the world are comparable. Maina
Loa, on the Island of Hawaii, and a neigh-
horing volcanic cone, Mauna Kea, both near-
ly 14.000 feet above the sea, are among the
highest island mountains in the world. On
the other islands of the Hawaiian group
there are volcanic mountains scarcely less
interesting. The crater of Haleakala, in thte
summit of East Mani, 10.000 feet above
sea level, is ome of the largest extinct cra-
ters in the world and is as well preserved
as if its fires had been extinguished but a
few *years instead of perhaps several hun-
dred years ago.
The active volcanoes of Hawaii give a
wonderful demonstration of the processes
by which all these island mountains have
been built up from the great depths of the
ocean. Since the days of Capt. Cook, geol-
ogists and others who are interested in the
problems of volcanoes have visited the Ha-
waiian Islands and written about them.
Near the base of these mountains of igneous
rock lie fields of sugar cane, which are just
now of special interest. They are supplied
with water from mountain streams and
from wells and drainage tunnels that tap
underground supplies.
Bundles ol Habits
Putting one's shoes or stockings on with-
out a conscious performance of the act, is
quite as much a habit as that of intemper-
ance. The habit of temperance may be quite
as well established as the opposite.
Playing a piano, using the typewriter,
singing, talking, reading, in fact all re-
peated acts which are turned over to our
subconsciousness becomes habitual or auto-
inatic in character. All of these things are
established only after painful and studious
effort, due to the millions of demands
which we make upon our nerve centers and
for which Nature did not prepare us.
Preparation for efficiency then depends
upon our desire to make automatic and liat-
Itual those things which we need in order
to achieve success.
Ordinary discipline is, perhaps, as gonia
an illustration as we need to convince us
that making certain acts automatic leavis
us free to exercise our consciousness for
other work. The great majority of our acts
need no deliberation, If we have been prop-
erly disciplined In early life.
Professor James gives us this very Impor-
tant maxim: "Seize the very first oppor-
tutnity to act on every resolution you make
and on every emotional prompting you may
experience In the direction of the habits
you aspire to gain. It is not in the moment
of their forming, but In their producing mo-
tor effects, that resolves and aspirations
icoinmunicate the new set to the brain."
The great Psychologist says further :
"Could the young but realize how soon
they will become mere walking bundles of
habits, they would give more heed to their
conduct while In the plastic state. We are
spinning our own fates, good or evil, and
never to be undone."
Claude William Chamberlain in Nov. Naut.
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