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The ladies' home journal
Vol. XX, No. 7 (June, 1903)

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The Ladies' Home Journal for June 1903
Are sent on                     __
one years                  .
Direct From Factory to
Home-Saving One-Half
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Miniature Pianos and Organs Free
to eery ittending pr haser.
They arc accuratereprexents
tions of our models of the latest
74styles in Cornih Pian-s and
Organs. These miniatures cn-
stitute the most costly adertise-
nentsever issued, and enable
anyone to select an instrunient,
.          no matter at what distance they
live-as the Piano and Organ
in exact color as to wood, etc.,
is exactly repeoduced. This
elegant eilossed set is sent
free, and with it the Cornish
American Souvenir Catalog,
L Endsome~ly illustrated with
reseitation plate in colors
:. i  fully  depicting  a-1  'e.
ribing 5ExpositionModels
f Coenish American Pianos
I:I Organs. Send us yourad-
. ss to.lay and w- will wail
talog and miniatures FREE,
if you sention this miagazine.
FROM $23          Established 50 Years.
why it has no equal
Can be applied by anyone ....... Dries
quicklly and evenl ....... Does not peel
or blister ......Resists w ear longest.....
Is  ot sti cky or ta cky ....... akes the
flonr e sy to clean.  Most economical
I ecause it spread   farthest ... The
tints are attrctive and mo dern
Alvays ready to    se ...Quality always
the samne.
Made ready to use in ten beautiful
colors. You can apply it.
If your dealer does not handle Creo-
lite, ve vill ship it to you express paid
at the folloiing prices:
Quarter gallon cans, - - $ .50 each
Half gallon cans, - - - .85 each
One gallon cans, - - - 1.50 each
Write to-day for or booklet " ousehold
Itosin F-bce 1sintig, alxo "olt ""L
,101 thi., , ril irokini. WriteDept. G
K'        LON Boys Wakists
,A           and Blouses
Cheaper Goods
Are no
There are
no better
A Boy's
amuong boys i, a
qiestion of
character, ainl
clothes count
more in mtldini
a boy's cliacter th-n mos      r unl think.
No boy can respect hileif in Ih-., ill -rtting waists,
as he would is wearing the best. lHesides, the greater
duraillity of K. & E, goods makes thei cheaper at $1.00
than others at half that.
for K. & E. Brand.   hook, A lily s Dtress and His
Character," is voluable to iothers. Your dealer aill
give you a copy free or we will se nil you one for 10 two-
cent st aips ani your dealer nmo .
CHAS. EISENMAN & CO Cleveland, U.S.A.
Ladies' Purse
Belt Buckle
A P!'rse in a Belt Bokle.
Seeves tw1o purposes, each inde-
pendent of the other. Two in
one better than either; hand-
sime, durable, more convenient
than a pocket in a skirt. Oxid-
ized silverplated-nianystyles.
Sent postpaid on receipt of
$1.50. Send for circular.
PURSE BELT BUCKLE CO., 14 Winter St., Boston, Mass.
Bishop Cyrus D. Foss, D. D., LI. D., M. E.    -
Church, Phila., Bishop C.. .Fowler D. D.,
LL. D., Buffalo, N.Hon. W. N. Ashman,
Judge Orphans' Court, Phila., Hon. John
Field, of Young, Simyth, Field & Co.. Ph10il.,  m
heartily endose the Philada. Instiute-te
Pioneer Stammering School. 19 years of
unparaUeled success. Hundreds of cured
pupils. tustrated80-pagebookfree. oDWI
S. JOHNSTON. Pres t and Fonder, who
curedx himself after stammering 40 years.
1033, 1043 Soing Garden St., Phila.
Summer Session, Atlantic City, N. J.
Indoor Fun for Rainy
1- The Game of Spin-Spin
By Mrs. W. J. Standlee
HE game of " spin-spin," out-
lined below, cannot fail to
interest and amuse. Take a
large square board or a piece of pasteboard, and
chalk or mark with ink the design illustrated. The
size of circles must depend on the size of the board.
Circles of colored paper may be used if desired.
Now make a top from
an empty spool. Every
boy knows how. The top
is made with a piece of
stick about an inch long
and one end of an empty
10     -             spool, and may be spun
with the thumb and fore-
finger. Place the top on
the dot in the circle
marked 20 and spin. The
number of the line or
circle the top dies on is
PLAYED WITH A       the number you score.
HOME-MADE TOP        For instance, if in the cir-
cle or on the line marked
to, you score ten, and so on. If the top dies clear
over the line marked 5 you score nothing. The first
one to score one hundred wins the game. Any
number of children can play at a time.
The Game of 91
By Frank Hanson
T HERE should be a game board twenty inches
square giving a field two inches wide; each
square should measure an inch and a half and be
numbered. The articles used in playing may be
checkers or large buttons, but I would suggest
blocks of rubber about three-quarters of an inch
square. The mode of using these blocks is by snap-
ping them with the fingers, endeavoring, of course,
to make them fall upon certain numbers. When
the rubber does not fall upon a square the player
loses his turn. The object of the game is to score
ninety-one points and enter the goal on the next
move. Each player must confine his moves to one
of the four spaces indicated by the heavy lines.
' 7f1dCN       I (7lL
I V   V  6r1 9 I  8      01i  L
IIV 09T  6(g        IOj
   a  33Ie
0   50          5     133I"
. 7112I1O 3    8 6   4  9  2 5   1
FIELD        Ai    FIELD
Commence by placing a block in the field. Each
player makes one move, and any player may make
his first move upon any outside numbers he wishes.
The next player does likewise, and so the game
continues until it is finished.
Make your moves by placing your finger on the
board against your block, snapping it as nearly as
possible to where you wish it to be.
Should a player score sixty or any large number
of points and then get on one of the back numbers
he is put back as many points as the back number
indicates. For instance, if you have forty-five and
fall upon 12 BACK you will have to go back to
33. If a player at any time gets upon one of the
ring numbers he begins over again, having the
points indicated by the number to score, before he
can commence to count. Should a player get more
than ninety-one points he must go back to his last
number; thus, if you have eighty-eight and get upon
6 you must go back to 88. A player may - if his
score is too large-move upon a back number,
so that he may have another chance to secure the
numbers which will help him to win the game.
The Dot Game
By C. E. Ganse
HAVING formed a square or oblong of dots let
Hithe children, provided with pencils, begin by
joining consecutive dots,
but in such a way as to
prevent one another from
making a complete square.
For a while this is easy,
but presently the places
are so few where one can
mark without letting the
next player get a square
that careful search must
be taken to find a place.
Finally they are all gone.
The next player completes
a square, and, as a reward,
is allowed to join two
other dots. Very likely he
gets a second square, per-
haps several. When he can
get no more lie still must
join another pair of dots,
and that permits the fol-
lowing player to score.
When any one forms a
square he writes in it the
initial of his name, or other
distinguishing mark. By
this arrangement the score     TRY TO FORM
is readily counted.              SQUARES
0            -,
Senator William Flinn's Pittsburg Home
Senator Flin,, Politicitn, Steel laister atid Capitalist, is oie if PittsIr %eas weIthIiest aI bIest iii
citizents.  Senator  Flitn  has an exact dilplicate of the specially  designed  piat i l m  e for  Pres t
McKinley  for the White House.  It is after the celebrated Chippeiidalr style i  iritilire an i
ordered  through r. S. llaiilton, of Pittsburg.  The  thbose  iew  is one ifi a stits  f representati
American hoimtes in xlich A.. I.  II 1 E Piii delight theiroccuit ants.
Special Pianos To Order
A. B. Chase Pianos
For Fine Homes
We will make you a piano to correspond architecturally
and artistically with the furnishings of your home.
Such a piano may be built after your architect's designs,
or, if you will send us photograph of the room, we will
submit special designs for your approval.
The possibility for thus satisfying individual tastes is
unlimited. Cfase Coptir ethe
The A. B. Chase Co., Dept. A, Norwalk, Ohio, U. S. A.
Page 41
Bohn Syphon System Refrigerators
The White    Enameled    Lining of the Bihn
Refrigerators is non-porous and is easily cleaned
with a moist cloth. No tphoid germs. No taint
0froim milk, cheese, fruit, fish or vegetables, even in
the same Compartment. Always sweet and pure.
The Syphon System utilizes all the cold air. That
means lower temperature - (to 11140 degrees against
52 to 60 degrees in ordinars refrigerators). A life-
long economy and satisfaction. A beautiful refrig-
erator - cabinet construction.
Anywhere in the United States if not for sale by
your dealer.  If not satisfactory after ten days'
trial, return at our expense and purchase price will
be refunded.
Adopted by the Pullman Co. and all the great
railroads for buffet, dining cars, and freight
refrigeration. Testimonials from all.
tHooklet is flt cf valuabl i-s
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i     Rluse Refrigerators, aith
halftone photographs. FREE -nrite or it.
WHITE ENAMEL REFRIGERATOR CO., 14 East 6th Street, St. Paul, Minn.
We make ,frigerators for cars, steaiships, hotels, etc., to order.

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