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The ladies' home journal
Vol. XX, No. 7 (June, 1903)

Sangster, Mrs.
Mrs. Sangster's heart to heart talks with girls,   p. 34 PDF (856.7 KB)

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The Ladies' Homein Journal for Jiune19 03
Dirt and Disease
are il s' !';iT "  il '
;1ti r sit 1cn  t ,  I itIstv
Mrs. Sanigster's
Heart to Heart Talks wvith Girls
Le' ttke               ye
lhj % lI tt i lli 'I
your grocer cr krlui t f -i- t,' ijts.
RBanner I veirnak(e itul r
Sanitary Home
Odorless House
Inviting House
She can have her kitchten utensils, siink,
garbage box, toilet rooms, and toilet arti-
cles, clean and sweet. Her windows and
glassware as brilliant as when new.
Our book, " ( es of Banner Lye, " con-
tains much of interest to good house-
keepers.  We mail it free to an), one
Soap= aki        e calluf Banner Lye,
Soapw ~king       bs. kitchen grease,
tl)outitiling  or h~rgee
-,t hard swatorct \% Cjil
I tih e - il.,  a-. g~ ood :i 'st 7"" , , I
The Penn Chemical Wosrkq. Philadelphia. I> S. A.
M~atch                    the ire
I r  ,'v kr ,t J.ei 1-thev  ( v
ho  w V ha huunknowi-'
r,   -s. (cc  Sttno  nior
,Detrt      Chcao
agoosd desserti      JELL-Ct
in.1vtakes lx,O inw-  mke it,
package contains evecr% timig-purest g-
atisse, sweetening and flavoring. Simpisi
acid buling water aird set to cool. It'
prrfection,  No troul,e. les exeu' I-
1'rys it ti tel;, Flavzori: Li-m,n, Ocet''-,
No Dessert More Attract ive
Al Gescees Ever--here. I()C-;. NaoAditisnal E.;ee'-e
eprd~ tl- (F's[ -PLit Foo)C0,LEROY-.
1  I   , ,"  I  t,  'r  -  -
J. W. COCKRUM, 532 Maf- Strmt, Okaud Cty, Ind-,n
A Talk with the Gradiis
IFEILT highly ccr
Mabel dear, sthti
the invitation Ic
(            it Class-Day and
Iient. aitd to be a pa
te pleasures of yourI
m (?ek iii college. T]
that loomed so large
eyes wshen yout ontorio
nian class have gl
a dream, and the
months, iniiitich yrt
a senior, a-earing cal
C_'J '      have beeit the swif
What happy years those have been.
work, but wtork y-ountave enjoyed;s
environment that has suited you, and
such delightful friendships! Whatev(
may lose, Mabel, the miemory of youtr
will be a precious possession in the cor
One of the charming features of cotl
o ne of its abiding values, too, is that the
make us so rich in friends. They are
part of the world, and that helps to
horizon. I notice on the honor roll o
mntcemeltt the inaimes of a Japanese g
anian Indiait, the latter one of our
V tr chum canto from Texas, y-ouir opp
r, across the corridor were from
itirnia. and tlte class represents ver
"'ianhood of our sation in its fito5
iiinising types. W~e cease to be prov
riiquisbt the narrowsness of our lion'
rC ~T I I Ic t Ie III 'tt 1ha1tother platE
11l%% Fk ts'lt in towh with you alla
tsplased ss leu I saws that you wer
'irs of the college monthly. NeverI
--,r time titan at some of your teasz
known swseeter girls thtanth losem
rroom, sitting on tlte divan, the ch
i. when wte tad our little talk, onet
remember. aboitt life and its priv
ke of privileges rather titan of dutt(
uls realized that just because wteh
twas pleasant and helpaful shout
.-I along the commont world and ntal
-rfor others. I hope your " others
people in your own home first of
re. wherever else you end.
good deal is expected, Mabel, r
!,g woman who has had the best aca
4. the period. Almta Mater has s
jyou to some purpose if, besides
theoretical education and plenty o
pline, she is sending you out
lesomne, simple and childlike, ine
tht of body and nmind. Shte has gi
-idence, which, when allied to rn
tantee of enduring, womanly ecrl
.1 ind your niche and fill it.
HOPE you are not going to conplh
home is distasteful. I think I need
for you, though I have known girls wh
pyin college to be very disconteni
it. A girl from a plaiii home i
,led by the 1p1ain ways of the home
tfour years of absence have taughtI
1* sure she is not the best strt o
able of this, and she is probably un
parents she is ashamed of may has(
rdlices to let her go through college.
I am inclined to thte belief that al
.:tn of girl, Mabel. and all other ki
tminder that their mothers are entitle
thteir company when they are fairt3
-liould a girl marry-and very pro
.:tjy college graduates find their sp]
to,'-she ought to give a year at
tbefore the slips tier hand intro h
rod goes to make a new home with hi.r
'T I E word I have for you, dear girl.
emphasize it strongly: D~o not failt
value on the personal equation. NN
:an individual, broad-minded, gen']
v.11 tell on society wherever you tour]
Fiar the ret. Mabel, I am aware of3
hramilies, and I am not going to preact
I have a message it is one that may
in a sentence or two. lie womanly.I
- eything by mannishness. Be cheery.
gladness of the period is a dutyn
:rk. Be swift to extend a hand tot
--e not had your chance - the worki
c, been pushed by circumstances r
e-rm of hard toil, lie cordial in wot(
l  eart. lieo straightforward, asnd do
r, .A daunt you. Trhere is no failure
cr- heart that trusts in God.
And keep right on studying, learni
ai~d developing ever intzi a iner wonta
()- tjins of iin lr-st (igilst'i'l141'. e .c-rt''lOn IStoPis' /i
.it rgar,r't 1E.  ,tgoh-r, blittnqruirersn nt'/ I ,--td'i r ii ii,
ind ldrillrsnst. dCorresonden~~rtrs irtc/uos t aps or-iidil''s.. .
stampred envaelopes illbe fuitis.teredlby inatil.
iate                  Answers to Girls' Qusestios
niplimented,    MARY. The story you tell me is like a romtanlce.
eni I received If as you say yotu have others dependent ott you f,,
o be present  whot tin rmu itst nmake a hiome, you are right itn sup-
Commnence-    positig that your equipmtent and   your writingk
talenit ought to brintg ito money enough to hel p
jarticipait 1:  alontg. Y'ou have had nmuch publiashed and nothinig
laat evettfulI  paid for. I advise you hereafter to cionduict your
lie four years  work otn a business l,is. All first -vias ter odi -
before y-our  cats pay contri bitt ill. Notto of themii prinit xiht
-d the Fresh-  they do not pay for.
dod by like
last tswelve    Lucv'   It waa very srolig to let fc ii tds ci rtul Ity'
iii have been  a repiort that you were citgagied Ivilhl viii it crc it.
and the nian in questiuti has every reasont to be,
p and gownI antnoyed.
ftest of all.
,briniful of    CLARA. How shall you make people fond .,f
spenit in an you ? Why, by being generally and sincerely iter -
Ienirichied by ested in them.
er else y'ott   A. I C. The teacher of whom you complaini s
,college life
doiitgtier ittmtist to arouse your ambition, and11I
)ming years. fear has an uiphill road before her. Pitt yottrsell int
lege life, and  tier place. W.outld you enjoy teaching a girl tli
associationts  refuses to do her work, and "just loafs"?
re from every
obroadent our WINIsstF. Your mother is right. A girl of six-
of this Comt- teen is toYoung for society. Her pleasures sliouti
tin, a Hindu be sinmple aitd herself itt the background. Early t,,
ab'rigiits    bed is a good rule for you, my dear.
)posite nteighi- KATE. Since yott have so hasty a temper, liase
IMaine and befoire yout say angry words, anid observe Little
try fairly the lIririt's rule: " Cottnt five-and-twenty, Tally-
tat and most   Corat."
incial as we
to boundaries    JANE. As a general houseworker in a small
:esati oter fatuity where yott have a tpleasant homte yotu are
ces nd oher earing five dollars a week in money, with board
and lodgittg added. Bitt you are dissatisfied
because )yottwanlt more i" respectable'' enmploymnti.
I wish I could disabuse your mind abotit that word.
long. I was    Aity work one does wcell is respectable. Housework
re one of the  is q uite as hoinorable as, and mttch bettor paid thani,
rhave I had a must kinids of manual labor. D~o not give it tup
and sreads unless you can urge a better reason thati the ois,
and  preds, yott have given me.
who croweded
-hairs and the   Lotuisii. For your siumnmer trip you will nectd
eveninig that  both thick and thini clothting. If you expect toi do
ivileges. We mutch tramping provide youtrself with a short skirt,
Os, and most  a jacket, a trinm tat and comfortable shoes.
had so mitch      MARG;ARET. The girl yott speak of who is    t
t us w  mus nopularlhas nobody bitt herself to blante. Petlic
ke life pleas- who go abrout blturting ottt every' exasperating tlijllu
'' will mean   they cai thtink (If must expect to be disliked.  Eccit
Aall. Begin trtie thinigs ntay somtetimies be left uinsaid. ndcc,
they are often better left unsaid.
frm a clever
-ademic traini- M. E. By all means acquire either French ',r
Giermanithtofrottghtly. You will best gain ability ,
set her stamp converse by speniding some time ini a foreignt faiu I,
giving you a  where English is not spoiken.
f intellectual
itunspoiled, R UTH. The head nurse in a familysswhere sevetul
equally good iturses are emlloyed is a ver y important persona-.
iven you self- Shte occupies ait ltonoral-le tplace, iecoivos hli
nrodesty, is a  orders. directly from tier emptloyer, aitd mutsi lave
s   u   tact, discretion aitd iintelligence to order tier littlt-
elence.Yo     kintgdomn arighit. Site is usuall y a scot-paid anid
very much respected person.
SopiN. If y-ou have nothing else fo read t1,i
in that life at not despise the dictioitary. Yout can get no little
dnot fear thtis  advantage from perusing its columns.
vho have been R. L.. E. Your question about plagiarismi is
nted on leav- very interestitig inideed. " Is it permissible,"' yott
is soameimes ask," to foutnd a stoiry iupoinait idea received front
ifolk -ways    some sermon, reimark or article ? "  You imply that
her to forget, a story thtus founded would not he original. I thinik
if girl wtto is you are wronig. P'lagiarism is deliberate literary
ingrateful. foar theft, the stealing word for word, phlrase for phrase.
to made great   or thought for thtoughit of anothtersstork, aind
passing it off as ones own. This is an excessiviIs
mean act, aitd the plagiarist is on the sante plane
a11 girls, youir  w-i h the pickptocket aitd the biurglar. Bitt se all
iiids, need a  derive ideas fronm, and are kindled and stimulated
led to a share  by, the wcords o~f thers, aitd Our ownt work titlst of
y osit of the necessity be influenced by what we bear aitd read.
rThe best way for any writer to form a goiod style
,oelyagod   is to read the fittest tat ructins rif the hfinest mt ills.
apetya god  'ITe great origitial and creative mninds are feiw.
ahere In niar-  Hotmer, Miltoin, tDante, Shiakespeare, (iotte stilt
least to Iter occur to you, yet even these owed somethinggfpro-
her husband's cious to tltose wlto had gonte before them.
ELLEN. I beg you to cure yourself of the ciii-
temptitous attitude whiich you confess is becoiig
is this, and I habitual wtitht you. We have no right to look dllii
to set the true  upon any, fellow-being, least of alt upon the temptedl
Nhat you are    and the pour.
itle-mannered,    NETTIE. Answer a letter very soon after you
:h it.          receive it, while its contents are fresh in your miitd.
your scorn of
h to you. If     MlAuti. A girl may not alloiw another girl toi
he condensed   reflect uphon a lady wlto is elder than either and thi
No girl gains frieind of both. Stand ip for youir friend, til
Tadto temperately, not w ith heat and vehemence, andi
y .  o ad to advise the offended girl to carry Iter grievance toi
ira one should the lady in question. A frank talk may set every-
the girls who  thiing right.
ing-girls who
ntu the mnaCI-   ANNA. Youu cannot poissibly be eqtually in hive
rd and sincere  With two Suitors; if you think you are you will be
lnot let any safe in refusing botht.
epossible to a   BARBARA. Success is often gained by pegginig
away in an obscure place. After a while somebody
iing, growing ,  discovers that very' faithful work is being done, and
inhood.        then comes lruinotion.
New Idea
in swings
' i wings as lightl]) aafeatile
iiite breeze ;s afe as a biaby's cradie
"ii fortable as an easy cha ir N  a
itrhow  high corlow, fast Orcslo, yi
sIsII ,   the seats remain upijiiht.  No tilt
ir< h acid  iOr  Ii trd. Irfr  ir~I
AI-1  bt- i  i antim (4  I t,,1
n-kc,  -id-t'I i.
Eagle Steel
Lawn Swing
],It ' ii'j  e  'N 0  t ,"I  t  t It, Ir
I,- fode  - pis  ut Iittle pse .
A. BUC'S SONS, 6 S.MaketSt
Elizabethtown, Pa.
~-        'S's   .~
Send $1.50
atid'e will send you -purepeaid.
anywhere East of tne M ississippi -
this beautiful Cat Glass Bonbon or
Oive Dish, 5 inches in diameter.
made of pure crystal glass, beauti-
fully cut.
Thia ia a special offer to introduce
to you the most brilliantly beautiful
cut glass eser made iii America.A
r lIrnil. Mik
"Klean, Kool Kitchen Kind"
tie)t... eii iitt, siiell, Sut, dirt, ashesir exces
ive  tea1t  Sa  e  tiiiie, i\\tck  iii ll ir cy.  lct1 iiti
ic al and saIfe tn~ ti  li i;si-rude.(:iii lie )ttiedI
done tiii the "Kican, Koti Kitcent  Kinid 1';
readiIy ,  tit-] atiY C0:al Sttce ;i t iinlker, %with
itiiiie ciitiifiirl ait in a Klemit, K-1it Kitrliett. sitld
it1111 ,iei  st sres. Ask lo see Me 'Trd ailjrk.
Bailey's Rubber Massage
RolrMakes, Keeps and Restores Beauty
Roller         Nature's Own Way
-- Foe sale by all dealers,
~  ~         or malled upon re-
G IVEN with every Roller
SAMPLES necessary to
be used with it.
If ter I ittt <cke s Iiait,,tskeep,
11 to k 1~ it ~ .rc  _-fltiwiklestataerleu
1-ek, tt  ar  hll'   rtrk tha"tissae
H eeiaIe  tuulert tha.t Isi,iia-le huorsjrr
(.utwo'i f I ,hojlii~r m A,ctbe(;,d,iA
C. J. BAILEY & C0., 22 Boylston St., Boston, Mass.
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