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Woman's home companion
Vol. LXIV, No. 6 (1937)

Tabor, Grace
Irises and roses,   p. 135 PDF (795.2 KB)

Page 135

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Irises and Roses
THE owner of a small garden
' naturall  wants to get the
most out of his space, the greatest
number of flowers for the longest
time, with the least number of
plants. The best way to do this,
III Inly opinion, lies in emphasizing
special combinations used, not in
immediate relation to each other,
but broadly, so that the kinds
chosen  dominate the planting
though they may be separately lo-
tu IRISES and roses are one of the
r   loveliest combinations im-
aginable in any garden. Each of
these flowers has a history and
tradition reaching farther back
than we can follow, and there are
varieties of each suitable for very
different places and different gar-
den conditions.
Beginning with the eight-inch-
high iris pumila which blossoms
in April in northern gardens, con-
tinuing through the long-familiar
fleur-de-lis or germanica group
which blooms in May and June,
and following with the Japanese
iris Kaempferi which picks up
where these leave off and continues
through July, four full months of
iris display are possible.
As roses start in June, irises and
roses overlap for two full months,
and it is evident that between the
two, planted as generously as space
permits, the garden which centers
about this combination will enjoy
great distinction. For after there
are no more irises at all, the roses
continue through to summer's end:
hybrid perpetuals, hybrid teas, the
regal climbing roses, rugosa hy-
brids, polyantha hybrids and qf
course a few teas, even though
they must be coddled in cold
THERE is not space here to
(V speak of either roses or irises
as individuals. It always seems to
me that each gardener must choose
for himself anyway, since pleasure
in a flower is so personal a matter.
For myself, I must have, for its
delicate scent, the old Florentine
iris-iris florentina. And roses ex-
cept the climbers must have sweet
odor too to satisfy my taste. It
seems too much to expect climbers
to be fragrant though there are a
few notably so.
Make it the rule, however,
whatever the flower, not to let the
novelties of each season drive out
fine and established kinds. On the
other hand strict devotion to old-
timers only will deprive the garden
of much beauty.
IFss-  ik
The Truth About
Soap Shampoos
1. T1his, photo-
g ra ph  shows
bacteria and
dandruff scattered.
but not removed
by ordinary soap
shampoo.          S
2. All bacteria.
dandruff and
other foreign
matter    com-
pletely destroyed
and removed by
the Fitch Shampoo.  S
T     HERE is a simple, easy way to rid
yourself of dandruff with the very first
application. All that is necessary is to use
a shampoo that completely dissolves dan-
druff and then washes it away.
Repeated laboratory, as well as practical,
tests show that ordinary shampoos will
not dissolve dandruff. Fitch's Dandruff
Remover Shampoo dissolves every speck
of dandruff instantly -under a money-
back guarantee-and then washes it away.
It rinses clean in hard or soft water. Equally
as good for blondes as brunettes. Try it to-
day! Sold at drug counters. Professional
applications at beauty and barber shops.
After and between Fitch Shampoos, Fitch's Ideal Hair
Tonic is the ideal preparation to stimulate the hair
rootS and give ttCw  life, uster and beauty to your hair.
I  Dandruff
_Sh    Shampoo
T  HANG THINGSaU          ROR     N                D WIT
without1 marnPal                IREPARATION
Moo0e     PUSH-PIN S         Say goodbye to risky razors, and corn-pads. A
co0 I   PIN S      new liquid NOXACORN relieves pain and forms
PUSH-LESS HANGERS              a thin protecting film over the corn. Then the
F.E.o rje          b   t        corn  (or  callus)  loosens  and  comes  out  with  ease.
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/H If[/7 TO Vf P.
I        /f i  f II/ I! FIR E i E
Rer2  U, S, Pat  Offq
~  '-   ~   _-
Tnere is a Maiden Form
lor Every Type of Figure"  (AT ALL LEADING STOREI
B I_.A   S S I E        S,% E S
Woman's 110ac Companion June 1937

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