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Woman's home companion
Vol. LXIV, No. 6 (1937)

Richardson, Anna Steese
Spring fashions in club programs,   p. 119 PDF (753.9 KB)

Page 119

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Spring Fashions in
Club Programs
By ANNA SuTss      Ricu]ARDON
Tips for Program Chairmen:
Given by presidents of clubs at county,
district or state conventions. Calcu-
lated to enliven any conference. De-
vised by the Fourth District of the
Kansas Federation of Women's Clubs.
A DEFINING BEE. A contest in inter-
preting words commonly used in dis-
cussion of war and peace. Devised by
Mrs. Edgerton Parsons, Committee on
the Cause and Cure of War.
MONEY-RAISING. New ideas for fi-
nancing organization projects. Com-
piled by Mrs. Beulah Blair, Colorado
Federation of Women's Clubs.
and stimulating method of presenting
reports of department chairmen at
conventions. Devised by Mrs. May-
belle H. Brown and Mrs. Harry Haynes
Burnham of the Maine Federation of
Women's Clubs.
project for any organization of women.
Will pay for itself in no time. Devised
by Dorothy L. McFadden, New Jer-
sey Parent-Teacher Association.
man Coyle. A practical manual for
groups interested in the various plans
for old-age security.
Do You Know:
That through the Good Citizenship
Bureau you can secure a short series of
programs on Good Looks and Good
Grooming that will rival fashion
shows in attracting members and
That the Federation of Women's
Clubs, the League of Women Voters
and the Congress of Parents and
Teachers in California, working to-
gether, secured (I) a hospital for
narcotic addicts, state-maintained, at
Spadra; (2.) a separate prison for
women, formerly confined in San
Quentin, with women on the board of
governors; (3) a minimum wage law
for women, juvenile courts, provision
for women physicians in county hos-
pitals, and provision for education for
the thousands of children of migratory
laborers in the state? What a record
for legislative achievement! Coopera-
tion works miracles.
That the new COMPANION booklet,
Peace and How to Work for It, is the
last word in sources of information
and will save many a program chair-
man worry and headache?
If you are interested in any of these
suggestions, send a self-addressed and
stamped envelope or your name and
address with a 3-cent stamp to the
Good Citizenship Bureau, Woman's
Home Companion, 2.5o Park Avenue,
New York City. Postal cards cannot
be answered. Please designate which
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