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Woman's home companion
Vol. LXIV, No. 6 (1937)

Walker, Stanley
Under one flag - the Pacific Northwest,   pp. [9]-[10] PDF (1.3 MB)

Page [9]

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The. Pacific Northw&st
NOWHERE in the world is there so large an area
under one flag and one language as in our own
country. The English crossed the Atlantic and settled
in the east in the seventeenth century; the Spaniards
sighted the Pacific in the sixteenth. Thus a continent
was early spanned, a vast range of civilization and
heritage forecast. Today sections of our federated
states grown into a national entity bear the marks of
their diverse pasts; their history and appearance have
a value not confined to their geographical area. In these
pages our great empire of the north sits for its portrait
in the first of a series of articles specially written for
the COMPANION.                  THE EDITORS
1> THAT lovely dappled up-and-down land which
we call today the Pacific Northwest, a territory
which produces erratic statesmen and violent labor
leaders and bustling clubwomen and hefty football
players and grizzled ranchmen and lumber barons and
poor little wistful dry farmers, might in all propriety,
for purposes of identification and examination, be
called Oregon. What exists there today is the result of
the impact of pioneers of many races upon geography.
The Northwest is not the State of Oregon as we know
it on the maps and in the newspapers of this era, but
rALh- -

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