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Graeve, Oscar (ed.) / Delineator
Vol. 118, No. 6 (June, 1931)

Platt, Joseph B., Director
Delineator Institute of Interiors,   pp. 18-20 PDF (1.9 MB)

Page 18

Thoroughly Georgian in the spirit of its architecture, and all the woodwork painted a deep blue-green
Wine red and cream toile panels; curtains of the same material, edged with green and cream fringe
is gratefully made to the following firms for their courtesy and cooperation
THE BACKGROUND: Cupboards. mantel. c. -                 w& and trim.    Pennsylvania. THE FURNITURE: Dining-table, c,:,-, ,sc rdi
Curtis, Inc., Clinton. Iowa. Manufa"cturenof Curtis Woodwork,  arm-chair and side chairs. Landstrom Furniture Corprion, Rockf- ri
-Fabric for wall panels, Waverly Fabrics,"A Sch:umacher Unix, New York.-  Illinois. THE ACCESSORIES: Chandelier and wall sconces, The Fried-
Floorine, Sales Veltone linoleum. Conwoleum-Nairin. Inc._ Kearny, N.J.- laender Company, New York.- Bull's-eye mirror, Harris Interior Arts, Inc.
Anglo PersiAn roar, M. J. Whittall Associates. Ltd.. Worcester. Massachu-  New York.-Andirons, fire screen and fire tools, Edwin Jackson, Inc., N-w
setes. THE DRAPERI FS: Venetian blinds. The Columbia Mills. Inc.. New   York.-Staffordshire figures, Lindemann and Zenishek, Sold in gift and a7
York.-Fabric for draperies, fringe trimming, and gauze for door curtain,  tique shops throughout the country.-Community Plate candlesticks anid
Waverly Fabrics. A Schumacher Unit. New York, THE MECHANICAL            hollowware (Greneeor design), Oneida Community, Ltd.. Oneida, New
EQUIPMENT: Arcx. radiators and Arco radiator enclosures. American Radi-  York.-Hurricane globes, Period Art Shoppe, Inc., New York-Candles,
ator Company, New York.-Electric Telechron clock. "Surrey" model.      Wacs. Will and Baumer Candle Company, Inc., Syracuse, New York.-
Warren Telechron Company. Ashland, Massachusetts.-Philco baby rand Silver bowls on table and pottery urns. John Wanamaker, New York.-Door
radio (Ir. cupboard., Piladelphia Storage Battery Company, Philadelphia, handles and escutcheon plates, P. & F. Corbin, New Britain, Connecticut.
Charming eighteenth cen-
tury atmosphere created
with these modern prod-
ucts: green linoleum,glow-
ing oriental rug, deep blue-
green paint, wine red and
cream toile panels and
curtains, sparkling crystal
An electric wall clock of appropriate design
0   R     I N    S   T  I T   U   T  E
D   E L  I N   E A  T

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