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Graeve, Oscar (ed.) / Delineator
Vol. 119, No. 1 (July, 1931)

Platt, Joseph B.
"Health rooms" instead of bathrooms,   pp. 18-19 PDF (1.1 MB)

Page 18

This, the ultimate in health
rooms, has biscuit colored
fixtures of neo-classic de-
sign. The floor is green and
black linoleum. The walls
are green formica banded
with chromium. A green
ceiling has channels of
light behind frosted glass,
and each alcove has its
convenient overhead light
bathrooms of the future!
WE ( CALL them health rooms! They are the
Imagine the luxury of having every single
thing you need to keep you healthy, beauti-
ful, and clean, all in one beautifully arranged room! Think
of the joy of a morning bath in a room where sunlight
sparkles and shines, where windows glazed with vita glass
admit the sun's health-giving rays. Look! there's a
chaise longue where you can stretch out and take your
sun bath in the utmost comfort (and listen to a radio, too,
while you bask). And there's a sun lamp, for winter days,
dark days when the sun refuses to come out. One of our
bathrooms even has a dental laboratory, with its own
basin and a medicine chest completely stocked with
pastes, powders, floss, and all the preparations necessary
for the proper care of your mouth and teeth. Away with
our barbarous custom of caring for our teeth at the wash
Isn't it logical to predict that our present cubicles of
metal and enamel will have to be made a great deal
They'll have a larger function-they'll help us keep
wholly healthy as well as clean!
All beauty specialists agree that good health is the
basis of real beauty. All the creams and powders and
rouges in the world are unavailing, if a woman does not
radiate good health from within.
And medical science has convinced us that it is a wise
and happy practice to devote our efforts toward keeping
well, rather than spending money on a cure when we are
really taken ill.
Science has brought forth marvelous inventions to help
us maintain healthy, beautiful bodies in spite of the
strains that ordinary business life imposes on them.
Bathing facilities were the first step, but these have be-
come so universal that we seldom realize that their luxury
exceeds anything ever known in the world before. Now
we have exercisers, vibrators, rowing machines, sun
lamp,. vita glas-all sorts of preparations for the skin,
the Lair. the teth -to supply us. artificially, with the
things we would get naturally, if we were living natural,
active, outdoor lives.
The bathroom is the logical place for these instruments
of health and beauty. A sun lamp looks out of place in a
Directoire bedroom, and certainly the living-room is no
place for a vibrator. So our bathrooms will have to be
made larger to contain them.
This is a brand new idea! Delineator Institute of In-
teriors is sure that it is inevitable. Some of you may be
so convinced that we are right that you'll rush right out
to find a man who will convert that extra spare room into
a health room. Others of you will keep it in mind for the
house you are going to remodel or for the one you plan to
build. Skeptics are earnestly advised to clip out this
article and paste it in their scrap-books; that will save us
the trouble of saying, in a few years, "We told you so."
The bathrooms shown on these pages were carefully
and thoughtfully planned. They not only provide space
for these instruments of body culture, but they give the
occupants the benefit of the greatest of all panaceas-
fresh air and sunlight. And they satisfy the xesthetic
sense as well. Don't you think that a day begun in one of
these sparkling rooms would have a good chance of ending
there at night in a happy mood?
N   OT all of you will find it possible to reproduce these
baths entirely. But each room is full of suggestions
that you will do well to keep in mind when you are building
or remodeling. Study the floor plans carefully and you
will find many ideas that you can incorporate in the bath-
rooms that you have, or plan to have. Notice that the
tubs are placed in alcoves, and that the space left over is,
in each case, employed to good advantage. Notice that
separate small rooms have been built for the toilets, and
that, when possible, these rooms have two doors, one
leading from the bath, and one directly from the hall.
Notice the number of windows; in one room they take up
two entire walls. All of these windows have panes of
vita glass, which admits the sun's health-giving actinic
rays, so that you can take a sun bath in the utmost com-
fort, even in the dead of winter when the mercury's low!
You've noticed, no doubt, that these bathrooms have
been decorated in the modern taste. You may or may
not like the modern style of decoration, but we are sure
you will agree that it is appropriate in a bathroom. After
all, your plumbing fixtures are undeniably modern. In-
deed, there are many who consider the new models to be
among the best expressions of contemporary design. In
Europe, among people who know, they are held in high
respect on account of their simplicity and functional
THE tubs, the wash basins, and the like that have been
used in these bathrooms are particularly fine examples
of the neo-classic. Their usefulness is apparent, their pro-
portions are excellent, and their decoration nicely re-
strained. Naturally, a modern scheme makes a perfect
background for them, but the essential purity of their
design would make them harmonious in almost any set-
ting you might choose. You've probably remarked al-
ready how naturally the Louis XVI chair in one of the
rooms takes its place beside the modern hand basin.
We can't help feeling grateful to the manufacturer who
put these excellent fixtures on the market, and made
them easily available to people in moderate circumstances
-a group which, goodness knows, includes most of us.
The ultimate in health rooms is achieved in the room
that heads this article. Look at the floor plan and you
will see how the tub alcove is balanced by a sun-drenched
bay window which contains a chaise longue, and a sun
lamp for good measure. The rowing machine is just
visible in the foreground, and back against the wall are
scales equipped with a chromium measuring rod. A
shower compartment and a toilet room are on either side
of the tub alcove. The dental laboratory with its own
wash basin balances the regular hand basin. And across
from these is the most efficient dressing table! The doors
of the linen closets at either side of it are great long sheets
of mirror, hinged on the sides nearest the table; these2
swing out, enclosing you when you  (Turn to page 43)
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