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The style book of slenderizing fashions: spring and summer 1935

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Page 16

Newest Styles that FIT and FLATTER Every Woman Who
How to Order
Please tell us your head-iize
in Inches. Measure around your
head above your eyebrows In the
front and over the fullest part
of your hair In back as shown
in the small view.   maw the
tape measure as closely as you
wish hat to fit If you'll take your
aceurately, to
the fraction of
inch without
making even
the slightest
of aIllowances,
weli send ou
a hat in
corrert size
Headline News
25 5 259- -A new Turb,'
a new kind of Straw Ih th
No wonder we chose it
our Front Cover picture'
It takes a tip from tha'
very popular bark crepe co.
material, and Is woven In
crinkly and soft. tree-bar,
effect that's entrancing!  S
light-weight and cool you lI
hardly know you have it on
Yet it's firm enough to drape
beautifully In its new high
Peaked lines, dipping away
down over one eye and 'way
up over the other.
It is HAND-MADE, too,
which means that It has an
expensive look, despite its
modest price. And note how
well it is "balanced"-high
enough to make you look alim
but wide enough at the side
to keep you in proportion.
Smart crystal" ornament
plunged through a fold leade
youthful touch- A cool net
lining; grongrain headband.
COIB)  . Black, navy blue
or li-oate brown  RIZFs4
. 3 10  24$ 24  25
7hese TWO ore shown L&
COLOR on the Front cover
2 SL259
BARK Weaive
We specialize IN LARGE HEAD-SIZES.
so it's only natural that we can give you
more variety of the very smartest new hat
fashions now "Okayed" by New York and
Paris-than you can find anywhere else.
And there's one thing in particular we
want you to notice in our hats: they're
BALANCED as to brim or trimming or line
... to suit YOUR figure, whether you're a
regular size or "as plump as they come "
The low prices? We haven't apace to tell
you how we do it -so we'll just have to
let you h amazed by these valuest
Ar        NOVELTY
25 S 250
&  I!      go
Brim Flattery
25 S 250- Meet the stunning
picture Hat" you admired oo
our Front ('over. And it Is
actually priced at only $1.98
You'd search far and wide
tefore you would find such a
beautiful, broad-brimmed hat
at anywhere near this price.
It is a real triumph. both In
flattery and in thrift!
Made of Novelty Pedallue
Straw Braid, that floe, firm,
-nart, slightly transparent
straw so easy on your head.
It's shaped with the skill that
has made us so famous. Its
brim sweeps down In front
and out at the sides, with Just
the right expanse for balance.
Fascinating, plush flowers
have trailing "stems" made of
rolled satin ribbon which go
around the crown and nestle
in a crease at the top side.
lat has rayon headband.
- COIARS: Navy blue with
white, chocolate brown with
sand, black with rose, or dove
gray with Copen blue flowers.
SIZES: 22%, 23, 231J, 24.
241,. 25 and 25 4 Inches. Our
how pi ce      $1.98
25 S  2
255262     E          lamsov  iror  f-r o, . ii  __
Hat of a frw'-uaity hand-wor St-aI Straiw :""I
bris. which turns down in ever so attering a manner
chade your eyes. and up in the back, is a work of art. A
Its trimming is so flattering that we warn you -don't w
this hat, unies you want to conquer everyone you m
Tiny-petaled, velvet flowers form a soft, flat mass up
over the crown, with smart bow of matching velvet rib
right In the center of them. to match the band around
eae of the erown. Rayon taffeta lining.
COIRS: Black or navy blue, each with whit, flow
or boolate brown with pink flowses. SIZES 21 -
234, 24. 24 4, 25 and 25; Inchsm. Our p ie  8')
Pot.g. 14c etra. :$3.9
Here's the Height of Fashion
25 S 24 In Pari. where a great deigner recently m
et oumes out of pres., anything Is likely to happen in
world of fashion' So it's not surprising at all that s
a super-modern Ides as THIS should be so popular; stra
of CELOIPHANE. woven into the Cloth of this 'high Ha
We think It's grand -for It give life and sparkle to
hat     and therefore to your face. tHee how the crow
drated and pointed upward. and topped by fluffy, self-co
feather pompon to give you height and grace. The brim
stin-hed, and turns up in back. Rayon lining. COfIl
Islack or navy blue. HIZES: 22, 23. 23,. 24.*24. ,.25
-  Inches, (Mur exceptionally low price    4fl
Postag. 12c extrA.  1.l
2552-48 25237
CELLOPHANE              7        59 "
S     CLOTH"                                   RI
"i 25 S237- -1,ven in a dainty, suo   list nk.' this one ot
ItI,  Novelty Hemp Strw Braid. we do gti yoil a subtie bit of t
to    Sophlaticalloai that You'li find yery sma-rt and stimulating          *,f.:
Ld  The brim, for Instance, swoons. down at one side in a
ca     pretty, pert way, turning up slightly at the side. and all
W! the Way UP in the back. The stand-up creae' in crown                                             -
(ltd are, what give you height, and omake yo~ur head look small no
bon   omatter how large a size you wear, The self-color groesgrain
the    ribbon band and Its bow-ends tied In a vertical line, and
the airy-looking, organdie flower are pictures.que, to say the
,rs; least, Grmalgrain headband on the inside. ('OLOfRS: White.
23, French blue or black. SIZES: 2i14, 2'2. 2214. 2:1. 23tY, 24
and 24(41Inhes, Our unusual1ly low price -
8                     ~Pa.ta,. 12 . xtra$15
9-n         r-        1C n
n to
25 S 260' Again, the magic of gleaming Cenllophane! It",
interwoven with Pedallne Straw Brald to form a very smart
HaL that looks as though It just came out of Part%.
The slightly drooping brim is grand for sunny days, and
is just the right width to give you that very important,
'well-balanced" look. That skilfully-placed, wide garland
of velvet posits will liven up any costume. The soft hand
of atin ribbon goes around the crown and enls in a wide
bow at back. A lot of smartness yet plenty of head-room!
Rayou Hning. COIORS: Black or navy blue, each with white
flowers; or dove gray with rose flowers. SIZES': 22 X, 23,
23',, 24. 24 ,.. 25 and 25- inches. Price .
Postag. 14f extra.   3.497
25 S 260
16        LANE BRYANT will fill your order promptly and accurately. Satisfaction guaranteed or MONEY REFUNDED

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