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The style book of slenderizing fashions: spring and summer 1935

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I  ~
~       /1~
/ iP.
 S 1 2
8 S 12  The,-r , S...... th' ing s g..n-rall'
becoming and appealing about this Blouse
of Knitted All-Wool Worsted that every
woman who sees it wants itt Its pretty,
novelty weave is part of its charm, but
its full-cut lines and soft FEEL will
please you even more. The youthful collar
and rippling jabot do slimming things
for you. Ribbed hipband and wrists.
COLORS: Navy blue, beige, white or
wine. SIZES: 38 to 58 ins. bust measure.
Exe-ptionally good value .
8 S 140 -On days that are unusually hot
you can feel comfortable in this full-cut
Knitted Blouse of soft Wool-and-Rayon,
for it's not a bit heavy, and it has short,
cool, slightly puffed sleeves.  On chilly
days it will comfort you, too. The pattern
formed by contrasting color rayon threads,
and the draped neckline are slimming. Firm
ribbing matches solid color of the blouse.
COLORS: Black, navy, chocolate brown
or wine, each with silvery rayon mixture.
SIZES: 38 to 58 bust. Price. $1
Postage 6t extra.     .
( -C  h
SKIRT of             SKIRT of
TWEED; ~owooL
1 S  38              5Sf3.3
8 S 46
Either Skirt or Either Blouse
Smart business women particularly
like this idea: a cool, cotton Blouse
with dignified, Long sleeves and a dark
Skirt to wear with it. which does not
muse or soil easily, and is heavy enough
for service but not too heavy for warm
days. You can buy them separately, or
buy BOTH for less than five dollars.
2 S 34-IslMMEo vast-color ( otton lawn
in a shiar Ssantung wease sith girlish collar
and ties, talkored tucks. and or .,d roomy
but tailored sleeves. SIIZE- I- t,, 5 bust.
(XW1AItS: White or Freniu  (,11  ;ood
value at our low priom4
Poage 4 extr.. $1.59
S5138 --SKIRTof wool Tweed mixed with
a bit of slIk. fleaderlistg button-and-pleat
treatment In the front, and a bad) pocket.
(< OIS: Black. asvy or brown, each with
white decks. SIZlki: 32 to 4C inches waist
measure. Lngth Is about 34 Inches. Wide
bets. Our very low prim           8
Posta*ge Stra. $t.
8 5146-E'KIRT o nold ra) iba,- -w
material but without -ect  $2.8
Pasta.e St en r.   .
Goes with Many Costumes!
The Blouse and Skirt pictured above
are so smart together that they look
like a silk-topped dress, ready to go
to the swankiest afternoon affair!
You can buy the blouse or the skirt
separately, but our advice is to choose
both--you will find so many different
uses for them all year-'roundl
2 S 35-mIs>USE of a beautiful. weighted
All-iik Flat Crepe.   If you've never
worn this type of neck, you have a treat
coming. Its graceful, set-n "yoke" drapes
softly and twists over to show the three
buttons.  Raglan sleeves: tailored hands.
Straight. smooth panel in front, with belt
from sides going around back. (yIA)RS:
Fggshell, beige or white. IZES: 38 to 58
bust. Our very low price. .   . a
Pasta.g. 4 estra. $2.98
8 S 139-SKlIT of smooth. frn All-Wool
Flannel. with those slenderling tueLs you
love. and a kick-pleat. (COIAORS: Black;
eocoa brown: navy. HIZI,1: 32 tw 46 inches,
walist. Length about 34 inches N% ide hern.
Our unusually low price  _   0    0
Postage 8 extra ip3.     0
ALL-SILK 2 5 /
CREPE            8i14.
Wt h1ut a doubt one of the best-looking
Blouses we ve seen anywhere! Made of fine
quality, weighted All-Silk Flat Crepe.
Dainty rows of stitching open out into
pleats on the becoming collar. Belt goes
from the side-fronts around to the back.
Choice of long sleeves or short sleeves
(sce small view). SIZES: 38 to 58 bust.
2 S 36 -With long sleeves. Colors: White,
navy blue or dove gray ... . $..
Postage 4e extra. $3.
2 S 37 -With short sleeves. Colors.: Beige,
eggshell or navy blue. Price. $3.9
Postage 4, extra. $    .98
kS b 141 Knitted "Shilt ..fI.Il3ou.- of
All-Wool Worstd. Young, unique, and so
slenderizing with its contrasting stripes.
Six-button closing. Ribbed hipbands and
wrists to match the darkest color.
COLORS: Black with gray-and-white
stripes; navy with Copen-blue-and-white
stripes; chocolate brown with tan-and-
white stripes; or French blue with navy
blue-and-white stripes. SIZES: 38 to 58
bust. Our very low price ..  2     o
Postage 80 extra.     .98
14      LANE BRYANT'S STANDARDS of quality and workmanship never have been and NEVER WILL BE LOWERED

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