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The style book of slenderizing fashions: spring and summer 1935

[Coats],   pp. 5-13 PDF (4.2 MB)

Page 5

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Cadfo SEVStout oreendr.z.iTha
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Deaide foreyourselfewhic  et
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lekt new is nd apew Ynor
fashions adtted match the Birnt's
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getFallSo of them aepidamznlelws
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pge youate FsiETate LEAS cost.
Ler: eery idt riyoicocreul
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ared 4Thtee hne his ut exta ellw
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(norear thimae  i e sto, nyo.
thenow th is lcat ats roo tright
sad is indfarith weih t tasl fitA oS
COLRt Black teFNTay blue orA cobrwn
SeaS very ortants. Length aut T ES
and MATlAS   h  hands IAGonL
ar sntronly featr cot ye.athate CarS
andrye SLEEVE a moelndiing
Butr.ed   stnag   telle al tI extra e.
ODrecpifonayoefwhich youlie9b5t
1N Bin  Apn  or stoaint laodr inou'seasfh
mixeasoithy aonr coatd with tin white
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Itlrweoa ticing   match .  th sitchinOnS
the pocets Twpostallo in. the frotEE
fltegand  differe9S n TheGOsLevSar
ae trtivly ftucked. lcthall oveRFid
lanyer SLiEdVE with rayn-andttongep.
COI)RS Black nywle or chocalate beshrw.
echd withuel white ySZE:3ou 58k bst.
At Right: AlI-wWool MTwese
1So 90-e thing  s mae thi stnn newTed
mATERIALtAllWondeolratelae wit marywhtly
woen to give it a  fltn kly ap uerface. ..
(2)-Ad ntewl tYLEimacu lae tailored,
and diw stcinge malcb that sweepin of
tihin poesTwalpin the defoneoar and
flltedin ad dheelsend wTh slendersing
athact is fulld W-cut a or thrughut
land isr lined with weightedl-silk la crepe.
COLRS: Black, navy blue or cocon-tebrown.
ecwihwiefek.SIZES: 38 to 58 bust: eghaot5 nhs
OrecPtage 11 excra. $16.95
At Riht: Al-WALL-WOOLsi
1 ~ ~  ~     ~    ~    ~    I  904-Trethnsmk hi tnign
in SlenderizinggAppa                       e or  l Stou Womsenp9ht at FIFTH AV., E       OK

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