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Hackett, John; Gammon, Roland; Ross, Sayre; Breslow, Sally (ed.) / See
Vol. 10, No. 5 (Sept. 1951)

Reduce - with F. A.,   pp. 44-45-47 PDF (2.6 MB)

Page 44-45

Fat FOUnde Douglas
weighed 265 lbs. be-
BEIOREfore forming group
WORE 'tohelp N. Y. Fatties.
"O THAT this too too solid flesh would melt!" is not only Ham-
lets perennial plaint but the cry today of 30 million over-
weight Americans. And if everyone loves a fat man (or woman),
many of these unfortunate millions don't know it. For, all too often,
their lot is illness, unemployment, unpopularity or neglect.
Fanies Anonymous, a new non-profit organization in New York,
is one outfit that is doing something about it. Organized by fashion
consultant Ruth Douglas-she herself has reduced from 265 to 192
pounds so far-and based on many of the will-strengthening prac-
tices of Alcoholics Anonymous, F. A. now numbers 500 Manhattan
KiGte  i.mys she once lived to eat
(above), today counts her calories,
since joining Fatties Anonymous New
York chapter has lost 40 pounds
Slim Founder Douglas,
after year's F.A. lead-
ership, weighs mere
AFH192, never felt better.
with F.A.
men and women. Chapters also are being formed in Philadelphia.
Washington, Chicago and other cities. Following F. A.'s "psycho-
logical approach" to diet, 75 per cent of these Walking Calorie
Counters have reduced considerably, paced by one male who lost
152 pounds in eight months.
"Excess fat is the greatest single hazard to health in the nation,"
says F. A. President Douglas. "As only two per cent of all obesity
cases come from glandular imbalance, we believe-and psycholo-
gists are agreeing with us-that overweight is a result of mental
maladjustment. Unfortunately, there is no 'won't power' pill on the
Helen GaS, F.A. heavyweight champ,
holds woman's record for dropping
from 400 to 296 pounds. She recently
told story on Danny Thomas TV show. t
\ .~r
FIflSl h@SilO to exercise are put through
palpitating program at meetings by
physical ed instructor Jackie Miller.
dlM HWlY, New York chapter charter member,
T85ing two-way stretch in department store, club     had never worked or mixed socially before joining,
president Ruth Douglas examines size 42 girdle,       is now children's governess, entertains regularly.
She once wore a specially-constructed size 48.
For Reducing Guide,            See Page 47
Interviewed on radio, Ruth Douglas introdues
F.A.'s proudest product, New Jersey executive
Mac Tarnoff who lost 152 pounds in 8 months.
"One minute on the lips, forever on the
hips" is an old saw sung by Fatties
Anonymous as they "take it off" bowling.

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