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Mother's-home life
Vol. XXXIII, No. 1 (January, 1923)

Hawthorne, Jessie S.
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Mother's-Home Life
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Dainty pillow slips are always a pleasure
to be brought out for the loved guest or
when there is illness in the home. These
can be easily made at small cost. Just
one embroidered slip shown In a big store
was priced at eleven dollars. A pair of
pillow slips for twenty two dollars-not
many housekeepers could buy by the dozen
at tbis price. One worker counted the hours
and it took just eighteen to make her pil-
low slip so the one shown was not over-
valued considering the time.
Spare minutes can easily be changed In-
to things of beauty that add so much to
the homeliness of home.
Any good nedallon looks well in a pillow
slip. Go over lyour old patterns and select
the prettiest and begin practicing. Pillow
tubing comes in a double seamless strip and
needs only to be stitched across one end.
It is not necessary to buy scallops and de-
signs but the worker can easily make
originals.  Circular dishes of the right
size can be tried out for scallops.
Number 1 Is probably made with a din-
ner and tea plate with a small straight
piece between.  The scallops cut, single
crochet all around forming a tight invin-
cible edge.  A filet space is made by 1
treble 2 chains 1 treble. Over the edge
filet space all around as a second row. Row
3 is made of 1 double treble, chain 5, 1
double treble continuing in alternate meshes,
all around and the dainty edge is done.
The Medalion.
Ch4in 7 and join so tight It cannot pull
out, chain 5, thread over -needle three
times, take off as in double treble two by
two, chain 5, repeat 12 times and join.
Chain 7, thread over needle 5 times, take
off two by two leaving two on needle, repeat
4 times drawing the last stitch tightly to
the first two and forming a tight cluster,
chain 5 and repeat all ariond. Fill the
5 chains by putting the thread over needle
once and drawing through.    This makes
a large open medalion for the center. Smal-
ler ones can he made by putting the thread
over the needle fewer tiues and these are
arranged on each side of the center.
Feather stitching all around the scallop
adds very much to the effect giving a most
finished appearance.
Pillow slips No. 2 are exceedingly dainty
and are easily made. They will be just the
thing for "Little Daughter's" room and will
make her smile a smile that Is good to see
and well worth any trouble on mother's
Buy a strip of checked gingham in bIle
or pink just the right length for slips.
This cost a dollar a yard and took a yard
and a quarter but the gingham     of this
length does not need piecing and can he
used for handkerchiefs, childrena dresses
and many other things-even as edging for
linen squares for table cover, dresser, and
so forth. For the slip a strip of right
length and width is chosen and stitched
seam sile out. Then the gingham is turned
over cut in points, carefully turned under
and stitched with minute stitches. Each
point Is finished with a bit of a rose bud
in lazy-daisy stitch. The effect is so good
that it is well worth trying. If blue is
used at bit of a for-get-me-not will be more
natural than a rose bud. The gingham strip
may also be used as ans inset, and the checks
cross stitched, or the  gingham   may be
stitchl  to a straight piece of goods and
turned double for a hem. ,
No. 3-Slip No 3 is cut in one large
center scallop. The effect is very good and
the set in lace requires only four squares.
This is made in Swedish hardinger crochet.
The spaces are made the same as In filet
with the difference that the thread is put
over the needle twice as for double treble.
For the first row   single  crochet all
around goods. The second row Is made of 1
double treble, 2 ch., 1 d. t.
As the point is reached turn back with
5 open spaces, 1 solid of 4 d. t., 5 open
At the point the work can be done with-
out slip stitching by putting the thread
over the needle as for a double     treble
stitch and taking up the stitch from the
opposite side, chain 2, 1 d. t. to goods and
complete row of meshes.
Row 3---4 open meshes 1 solid, 1 cross
stitch, 1 solid, 4 open. ?A cross stitch Is
Made thus, chain 2. thread over needle,
take up center of double treble, thread over
needle, take tip stitch over next double
treble, take off stitches two by two.)
Row 4-3 open, 1 solid, 1 cross stitch, 1
solid, 1 cross stitch, 1 solid, 3 open.
Row 5-2 open, 1 solid, 1 cross stitch, 1
open, 1 solid, 1 cross stitch, 1 solid. This
completes half the pattern.
Row 6 repeats row 4, etc.
The Edge-Chain 2, 1 d. t., ch. 2 (4
times, skip one mesh, single crochet, re-
Useful and Practical Household Hints
Paint Your Home
Paint will do wonders for a home. It
brings a refreshing appearance, gives a
pleasing touch and always In satisfaction
to the owner. Probably youa have noticed
when one home owner paints his dwelling
that the painting germ soon inoculates all
the other home owners near that prop-
erty. It is an Infection that works for
better homes. A few dollars for paint is
always a good investment.
Home Development
Rome atmosphere is developed within
the four walls of a house. Pride circum-
scribes it, and Interest extends to all that
pertains to the home or Its grounds.
By neglecting his yard, or his lawn, the
home owner    unconsciously  commits a
grevious  community   error.  There   is
nothing more inviting than a well-kept,
attractive lawn around a home. Shrub-
bery, placed where it will have the best
effect, Is an essential, even for the small-
est home.   Flowers are a necessity to
give color and add harmony.
Stich a home creates pride, is admired
by the neighbors and often starts other
home owners to pay more attention to the
exterior  arrangements. resulting  In  a
more attractive or beautiful district.
Rug Cleaning Made Easy
Here is a good way to keep rugs straight
oti the line while being cleaned.
Stretch the clothesline the same as on
wasiday. Tie a rug pole or clothes prop
(preferably a rug pole) lengthwise on the
lif'e, using a strong string or light cord.
Tie this in about three or four places.
This keeps the pole perfectly taut to the
line. Then put your rug over pole and
Pictures Vital Home Factors
Pictures add tone to the home.
Every home has pictures; some are ef-
fective ornaments, others are out of place.
But no home need be without pictures
that have personality and character. They
must be dressed as carefully, however, as
a woman should be.
Therein lies the secret. It's In the frame.
A picture may be cheap, but it can be
made attractive by its frame. It may be
costly but it can be easily made to ap-
pear otherwise by its surrounding.
The picture frame should be unobtrusive
and designed to accentuate the strongest
charms of the picture itself.
When in doubt, gold frames may always
be useed, but they must not be used un-
Attractive Pillow Slips
By Jessie S. Hawthorne
Trapping an appetite-
When your appetite lags and the
thought of dinner does not a ppeal
to you -      drink   a  cup   of
The tempting tastiness catches the
appetite and makes you eager for
a hearty meal.
Just drop a STEERO bouil-
Ion cube in a cup and add
boiling water.
Free sampleon requestor send
tocentsforsam pesandsixty.
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Distributors for
American Kitchen
Products Co., New York
"A Cube lakes
a Cup"
"SImly Add                             \. .
BothiatWater                    o
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thJ  -dosyB-kt ortanl W niite td". nnitr or wmen.
60Acres of Roses
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known ioEmbroideryworld
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ed from hand work. Re-
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anykindofltitch. Sendone
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one attachment free. If not
satisfied in three days Your money willbe refunded.
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mnake     surgical    dresstngs,
bandages,   take   temperature,
care for patients, give baths,
change bed-clothes without annoying patient,
etc.  New   method, by Lee II. Smith, M. D.
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Hose GivenI
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