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Woman's home companion
Vol. LXIV, No. 6 (1937)

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GDoctors know
the TRUTH about
laxatives-do you?
IN Pnon:iCaIN your iealth, tile doctor
makes no compromise with quality.
Every drug or serum lie uses must metI
strict standards of purity and strength.
Even for a little thing like a laxative,
the doctor has a definite set of require-
ments. Before giving a laxative his ap-
proval, lie considers it from every angle
to make sure that it meets his demands.
Read the specifications listed below.
Will your laxative check on every point?
It should be dependable.
It should be mild and gentle.
It should be thorough.
Its meritshould be proved by the test of time.
It should not form a habit.
It should not over-act.
It should not cause stomach pains.
It should not nauseate, or upset digestion.
Go right down the list. Ex-Lax checks
on every one of the above points. It meets
the doctor's demands of a laxative fairly
and fully. In fact, Ex-Lax is regarded
with such confidence that many doctors
use it in their own homes. Ex-Lax has
literally millions of friends. It is the most
widely-used laxative in the whole world.
Try Ex-Lax the next time you need a
laxative. Let your own experience con-
vince you of its many advantages. You
will find that Ex-Lax is mild and gentle.
You will find that it is not upsetting.
You will find that it is completely effec-
tive. Moreover, you will appreciate the
pleasant sense of well-being that follows
such a thorough internal cleansing.
Your children, too, can share in these
advantages. For the requirements set up
by the doctor are doubly important to
the sensitive system of  child.
Once you taste Ex-Lax, you'll say good-
bye to harsh, nasty cathartics. Both young-
sters and grown-ups are grateful for its
delicious chocolate flavor. All drug stores
have Ex-Lax in 10c and 25c sizes.
If you prefer to try Ex-Lax at our expense.
write for free sample to Ex-Lax, Dept. W167,
Box 170, Times-Plaza Sta., Brooklyn, N. Y.
N~fimvs fromi
TIr I Tnmr $rrrr (rutrr
IF YOLR family looks for-
ward to homemade jams and
jellies, canned fruits and vegetables
from your garden's surplus, this is
the month to inventory your sup-
plies and equipment. A cherry
seeder is a big help in preparing
this juicy fruit; you can pit twenty
quarts in an hour, so they do say.
A sharp blow on the plunger pushes
the pit into one dish and tosses the
cherry into another honestly!
f.Js"HOW much sugar shall I use
p-1in making jelly?" That de-
pends on how much pectin the
fruit juice contains. This simple
device shows the amount of sugar
required for any juice. It also shows
when commercial pectin is needed.
You fill the tube with the cool
juice, then let it run through exactly
one minute. A number at the level
of the remaining liquid tells how
AAS OF course you know, the
steam  pressure cooker is a
necessity for anyone who cans
meats and non-acid vegetables at
home. This one holds four quart
jars or five pints. A simplified
locking device makes it convenient
to use. The cooker also makes short
work of foods that ordinarily take
hours to cook. It does a complete
meal with ease. It is fine too for
sterilizing the baby's bottle.
The June Poster, 3 cents; 6 consecu-
tive copies of this monthly leaflet, 15
cents. Address Woman's Home Com-
panion, Service Bureau, New York
For deep fat frying        SUFFERERS FROM
add a teaspoonful of        PSORIA                   SIS
Dermoll i, b  iin t 1e d by  a  o
Tak es  wo tthato ... tgcure rdliOf from IuethI.  ies IIf
ee  e    his I ugly  kin  dia e  oft-n, i islake n  for
Sed ,fee khoko ri Reipe'  ..   plyi textrallyo s i n.
AtoGENEROUS mn                         ifo , anen,1y Dnoreas or setein
SIT  re o  t he ho lg  y  have  fthe  red  patelou
grdull                 diaperd and their skini became,
Lt A  R Nra              STAM h  ear again. Dermoall is aked by an agre
-Bonent to give defrS ini,  benefit i.  2  ekt,
Take  awa  tha  "fring-at"  dor OR  COIN   -foneis -nae witboour Q1esonl. neautuatl
Delig tful  roma  Nloe app tizibooko on P, oi.isand 1),rmoil Free, or send
25, for generous, trialI bot tle ad ai ngpofoteut.Gv
drugit sna e adddrss Yor am o t mentioned. Prove
tyrself no matter how long you have suffered or what you
Angostura  Corp.,  Norwalk, Conn.  hav touried. DiouI dtlay Write Today. LAKE LABORATORIES,
I                      __J IBox. 6, N orthwestern Station, Dept. W-8, Detroit, Mich.
No guesswork. No mess. No
waste. It is now easy to make
starch exactly the way you want
it. Just count cubes. Starch pene-
trates evenly, quickly. No lumps.
No wax needed. Iron fairly flies
over surface. Saves your time and
energy. Get Staley's STARCH
CUBES today. At your grocer's.
FREE... Children's Party Book
Plans your children's parties for
you. New games, menus, recipes
favors, decorations. To getit, send
Staley Starch Cube box-top plus 30  '
to cover mailing and handling to
A. E. Staley Mfg. Co., Dept. E-6,
Decatur, Illinois.
Woman's Home Compaiiion June 1937

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