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Woman's home companion
Vol. LXIV, No. 6 (1937)

Hamill, Virginia
Use your silver!!,   pp. 108-109 PDF (1.0 MB)

Page 108

~. *~t.t'
USE YOUR SILVER to reflect the
mellow wood tones of a fine side-
board. The one at the left is com-
plemented by a graceful soup tureen,
old-fashioned candelabra and a gleaming
tray. By the way, soup tureens are com-
ing back into favor and they make marvel-
ous centerpieces with fruit or flowers.
USE YOUR SILVER to pick up the
fv brilliant colors of a buffet supper
table. On the table below the silver
flower bowl, water pitcher and combina-
tion meat and vegetable platter mirror in
their shining surfaces the gay hues of
party foods, linens, glass and china. Rows
of flatware add another gleaming note.
THE use of silver is a tradition that
will never die. Its sheer beauty must
always be a part of the well-appointed
home. Too often, however, this lovely
metal is hidden away in the closet and
never used because the lady of the house
finds it too hard to keep clean. Yet there is
no decorative substitute for the satiny
luster of silver-and it is really just as easy
to keep clean as your best china. All it
needs is to be used-every day and at every
meal. Of course it will never wear out.
The constant washing in good soap and
water will keep it bright and then when
you plan to entertain all your silver will
be shining and ready for immediate use.
-~.- q6-
IT IS well, when cIoosi ng Our silver,
rVto pick out pieces that will have more
than one use in your household-a dual-
purpose bowl, for instance, thac may hold
flowers on the console table today and a
vegetable salad tomorrow. Fortunately this
is easy With the versatile designs of the
present. Photographed at the left are three
examples of dual-purpose silver. The as-
paragus dish becomes a server for other
vegetables, salad or dessert by the removal
of the sauce boat and rack. (The candle-
sticks crept into the picture because of their
delightful square solidity.) The Georgian
bowl can be used for centerpiece or sideboard
arrangements of flowers or fruits or for serv-
ing salad. The divided vegetable dish has a
cover which when inverted 'and the knob
uL1iSCrexved C11 i \\Il   ke,1   A1Ino T jet  dee  d]Ih.
4 *'~
.~:  ~

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