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Woman's home companion
Vol. LXIV, No. 6 (1937)

Cades, Hazel Rawson
White is so difficult,   pp. [58]-59 PDF (1.1 MB)

Page [58]

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A bride to be completely satisfac-
tory, we understand, should have
golden hair, blue eyes and a look
halfway between that of an angel
and Dresden china. As if this
ideal were not sufficient handicap,
brides have to contend with wed-
ding veils and strong emotional
states. Humbly we suggest that
the right make-up is a help to
both mind and costume. How re-
assuring, for example, to walk up
the aisle knowing that one's rouge
is authentic Innocence. How com-
forting to be able to depend on a
Dewy Complexion that is syn-
thetic but sure. And on Blushing
that is subtly contributed by the
shade of one's face powder.
There are some girls who can't even get to the altar on time. We suggest, a
little vulgarly probably, that haste on a hot day is apt to lead to perspira-
tion, a shiny nose and-may we say, perhaps,-a slightly blowzy look?
Hollywood has tested out a foundation cream that can stand klieg lights
and ought to get a girl through a wedding ceremony without powdering her
nose. You use just a tiny bit, blend with water, let it "set," blot it care-
fully and make up. For subtlety try ivory under natural powder or
natural under brunette powder, according to your complexion.
Is she scared, or just one of those ruthless women who march on matri-
many with a relentless eye? I saw a little frightened redhead bride last
week who was completely made over by an exciting make-up ensemble in a
shade they call Champagne. But for those dark stern ones, I have never
been able to think of anything more appropriate than a Victoire lipstick
which I advise combining tactfully with Illusion face powder. This seems
a good place to speak also of the romantic influence of the right eye
shadow-Azure or Violet, let us say, or a Silvery Mist.
I love freckles, but not with wedding veils. I hate sunburn, especially with
white satin. If any athletic June bride-to-be reads this, let her resolve from
now on to protect her skin as far as possible. And to use the time that re-
mains before her great day in trying to lead her suinburn gently back, by
facial care as well as make-up camouflage, toward that delicately beguil-
ing pink-and-white look that is now in vogue (see how to get an English
complexion, page 60).
News about make-up is always fascinating.. Our new make-up leaflet
has good ideas not only for the bride but for any other woman who takes
her make-up seriously. If you would like a copy send a hree-cent stamp
to Hazel Rawson Codes, Good Looks Editor, Woman's Home Companion,
250 Park Avenue, New York City. Ask for "Summer Make-up."
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