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Portfolio of Lady Duff-Gordon's original designs: wearing apparel for the women of America

How to order from Lady Duff-Gordon's Style Book,   pp. 64 ff. PDF (768.2 KB)

Page 64

0~  ~
How to Order
This label is stiuhed i. ever
Lady Duf-G.rden model
SHOPPING by mail is becoming recognized by women of judgment as the most convenient, the most comfortable
method of buying merchandise of every kind. It means just the pleasant task of looking at pictures, reading a
brief description, then writing your order down, which is much simpler than personal buying over the counter of a
store can ever be, and is entirely free from the resultant fatigue. Of course, there is a best way to write your orders,
a way which means quickest and surest delivery. If you follow the suggestions given here. you will come to like this
plan of buying better than any other method of shopping.
After you have looked over the illustrations in this Style Book and decided which of the models you want, then
write your order and be sure to give us the information asked for below.
FIRST: Write down the model number, its name and the color
you have selected from those listed for that model.
SECOND: Your height, weight and age.
THIRD: Your measurements, and these should be taken very
carefully according to the instructions given here.
Send your full name and address, carefully and legibly written
as follows:
Chest measurement-Measure all around body close under the
arms and well up over the shoulder blades at back. Tape    City or Town
should meet in front above the bust and directly across the
chest.                                                     R. F. D., P.
Bust measurement-Measure all around body same as for chest
measurement, except that tape must meet in front directly  State
across fullet part of the bust.
Slee've Isagth-Measure from armhole along inside seam of If the shi
sleeve to wrist, or to desired length of shorter sleeves.  please give n
If shipment i
Length ofwaist in back-Measure from collar seam straight down  write other pa
back to waistline.                                             HOW   T
Waist measurement-Measure around body at natural waistline.   oney Order
Hip measurement-Measure all around body 61 inches below          IMPOR
natural waistline. Make no allowance for high waistline.   order all the
I heck the qu:
Front length of skirt-Measure from natural waistline down the  has been omit
front to length of skirt desired  Make no allowance for high
waistline or for hem.                                           Questio
Side Length of skirt-Taken same as above only down the side.        Nam
Back length of skirt-Taken same as above, only down the back.       Color
FOURTH: State how you want goods shipped-Parcel Post,                 Weig
or Express. We pay delivery charges on all purchases selected     Age
from our Lady Duff-Gordon Portfolio.                            Shippi
SPECIAL SIZES not specified on the previous pages will be made        Parce
up at an extra charge of 10 per cent.                             Expr
O. Box or Street No.
pping point isdifferent from your Post Office address,
ame of shipping point, as well as county and state.
s to be made to another party, instead of yourself,
arty's full name and address clearly.
0 SEND MONEY. The best way is Post Office
Express Money Order, Bank Draft or Check. Do
TANT. When you think you have put into your
information we ask for, take the following list and
estions over with your order, to be sure that nothing
ns to be answered
e and Address
el number
g instructions
I Post
Sleeve length
Length of waist in back
Waist measurement
Hip measurement
Front length of skirt
Side length of skirt
Back length of skirt
If all this information is correctly given, it will avoid delay and insure greater satisfaction with your purchase.
Remember that our unconditional guarantee accompanies every model in this Style Book, as it does anything
you may buy from Sears. Roebuck and Co. If your purchase is not entirely satisfactory in every particular, it may be
returned for exchange; or, if you so request, your money will be refunded without question, together with any transporta-
tion charges you may have paid. Lady Duff-Gordon's personal guarantee (as reproduced on page 5 of this book) goes
with the models in addition to ours. Also the " Lady Duff- Gordon " label, which is her personal signature woven in
silk. is stitched into the lining or band of each article, and no Lady Duff-Gordon model goes out without it.
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Lady Duff- Gordon's
Style Book

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