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Portfolio of Lady Duff-Gordon's original designs: wearing apparel for the women of America

A word about proper corseting,   pp. 57-59 PDF (1.2 MB)

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00 much cannot be said about proper
lcorseting. It is the very foundation of
correct gowning; the very first matter which
should be given your careful atten-
tion,if you would be well dressed.
A corset, you know, is not
something to make you feel
as though you are doing
penance; not a thing of
discomfort and a menace
to health. Properly de-
signed and carefully fit-
ted, a corset is an aid to
health, giving support
where it is needed, mould-
ing the figure into the ways
Nature meant it to follow. A
corset was never intended to
make a woman look like a wasp
regardless of her natural figure.  A
corset is meant to keep the belts tidy and
the figure trim, to help you make the most
of the beautiful lines Nature gave you.
In your corseting, after I have given you
what I consider the perfect model, then
I can only suggest. The rest you must
do for yourself. When you have
chosen your model from among
those shown here, fit it to
yourself with all possible
care. As with new gloves,
everything depends upon
how you put them on
the first time. Hook
your corset all the way
up the front, beginning
at the bottom. Then
pull the laces together
slowly and carefully, fitting
it to your figure as you go,
smoothing wrinkles as you
would in trying on a new glove.
Fitted as I have suggested, these
"Lady Duff-Gordon". corsets should be
perfectly suited to the different types of
figures as illustrated on these pages.
(Description of Models Shown on Page .o.)
For Average or Normal Figures
This charming model is designed for the figure built on normal
lines; that is, where waist, hips, bust and height are in propor-
tion. It is made of exquisite satin brocade fabric, showing a
lovely interpretation of Lady Duff-Gordon's own idea of corset
trimming-wide, creamy lace in a double frill with a tiny puff-
ing of pink satin between and blue satin V-shaped panels at the
front.  Tiny silk flowers and a pink bow are set on at the
closing point. This, we believe, to be one of the most attrac-
tive corsets ever shown. This model has silk elastic gores at
the side and six silk elastic hose supporters. The illustration
shows the low bust model. Made in pink (trimmed as above)
with wide, blue silk laces or in all white. Sizes, 22 to 32.
MODEL No. 43A3852 PRICE $10.00
Same as MODEL No. 43A3852, only made in fine quality,
plain white, coutil trimmed with simple tailored satin band and
tailored satin bow.  Very smart and excellent style. Fitted
with tubular silk laces and silk hose supporters. Low bust.
Sizes, 22 to 32.
MODEL No. 43A3871      PRICE $5.00
Medium     bust model for normal figures.        It is made in fine
quality, plain white, coutil with elastic gores and six firm elastic
hose supporters. The quiet, simple beauty of the tailored satin
band and tailored bow is one of the distinctive features of this
model.    Fitted with tubular silk laces.    Sizes, 22 to 32.
MODEL No. 43A3822 PRICE $5.00
Fancy corset.    Medium     bust model, same as number 43A382J
for normal figures. Made of exquisite satin brocade and trimmed
the same as first model in illustration, No. 43A3852.        Colors,
pink or white, with wide silk laces. Sizes, 22 to 32.
MODEL No. 43A380A           PRICE $8.00
How to Take Your Corset Measure
Dtaw tape measure tight about your waist over the corset you are now wearing,
then subtract two inches for spread of laces. For example: if your waist measures
23 inches over your corset, subtract two inches and order corset size 21.
In ordering be sure to give size, model number and color. It will take from twelve
to fifteen days after your order is received to complete any of the models, as they
are made to measure. Delivery charges prepaid by us. See page 64 for "How to
Send Money.
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