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Portfolio of Lady Duff-Gordon's original designs: wearing apparel for the women of America

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THIS MODEL          is one of my own
designs. I hope very much that it may
harmonize perfectly with your individual-
ity as I had planned to have it. That is
what it should do. My models are designed
for that efect. And I am so anxious to
have you know that I am interested, per-
sonally, i your dress problems. Please
bear in mind that the arrangement I have
with SEARs, ROEBUCK AND CO. Carries
with it the assurance of their absolute
guarantee of satisfaction to you. If you buy
one of my models and it does not suit you
in every particular, you may send it back
for exchange to their Chicago Ofice; or, if
you so request, your money will be returned
without question, together with any trans-
portation charges you may have paid.
A CARD like the one shown here, carrying the personal guarantee of Lady Duff-
Gordon, is sent with every purchase from this Style Book. In addition, the models
carry also Lady Duff-Gordon's personal label, stitched in the lining or band. We are
very happy to co-operate in this guarantee in the most unqualified manner and to
assure the women of America that we will not consider any transaction closed until
the purchaser of a Lady Duff-Gordon model is completely satisfied.
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