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Graeve, Oscar (ed.) / Delineator
Vol. 119, No. 1 (July, 1931)

11                           C
Old Dutch helps you protect them
Safesuards Refrigerators With Healthful Cleanliness
Let no week pass without cleaning your refrigerator with
-Old Dutch Cleanser. Do it oftener when the weather is
warm and food spoils easily. Contaminated Food can cause
so many ills.
Old Dutch keeps refrigerators wholesome and hygienic,
fresh and sweet . . . Fills them with Healthful Cleanliness
that safeguards food and those who partake thereof.
The Fine, Flat-shaped, Flaky Old Dutch particles have natural
cleansing action. Quickly and completely they remove
all dirt, impurities, stains and odors. None
escape Old Dutch, even the unseen. The
result: Healthful Cleanliness. There is no
other cleanser like Old Dutch.
Use this one best modern way all over the
household. Quicker-cleaning Old Dutch is
all you need; no necessity for several kinds or forms of
cleanser. On smooth, lustrous surfaces, Old Dutch will
delight you-keeps lovely things lovely. That's because it
contains no harsh grit and doesn't scratch. Likewise, it is
always kind to the hands.
Keep Old Dutch handy in the bathroom, kitchen and
laundry in the Old Dutch holders. Send for some today
using the coupon below. For each holder mail to us 10c
and the windmill panels from three Old Dutch labels.
Old Dutch Cleanser, Dept. 392, 111 W. Monroe St., Chicago, Ill.
Please find enclosed ...... cents and ......labels for which send me
......Old Dutch Holders. Colors: IVORY El GREEN O      BLUE O
Name  -_    _      -
State    _
Old Dutch Cleanser is endorsed by Delineator
Home Institute and Good Housekeeping Institute
dIL            TE     N    to the Old Dutch Girl every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning over 36 stations associated with the Columbia Broad-
lLISTL        N     casting System at 8:45 A. M. Eastern Time, 7:45 A. M. Central Time, 6:45 A. M. Mountain Time . . . ( STANDARD TIME)
@ 19:31 The C. P. Co.
A ,
741                   "Y In Ir
C t_
, "40

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