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Graeve, Oscar (ed.) / Delineator
Vol. 117, No. 2 (August, 1930)

Batchelder, Ann
Another page from our food diary,   pp. 34-35 PDF (1.2 MB)

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-                                                                                       I
PHOTOGRAPHS             BY     STEINER        IN    DELINEATOR           STUDIOS                  A     U   G     U   S   T           1  9   3   0
MONDAY:                                                                          crumbs, beaten egg, crumbs again, and fried in oil in the frying pan. This is
Keeping a food diary is good for the soul. A sort of confessional, observa-  one of the nicest wa's to do this vegetable. It tastes a little like eggplant, but
to  and  backward glance o'er traveled roads," all rolled into one. Today,going well with any meal, for it is
for dessert, we had an ice cream jam sandwich, made simply by spreading
raspberry jam on a thick slice of ice cream, covering with another slice and
serving with raspberry sauce. I vary this by serving ice cream between halves
of canned peaches and using the raspberry sauce made from canned raspberry  FRIDAY:
s.\rup. The flavor maY be (hanged by using syrups made from canned           News for today, and that is on the question of sandwiches. Have alvays
aprkot<, plum> or  trawxberries. poaching and chilling some of the fruit.  been bothered by having sandwich fillings such as chicken salad, fish and
tomato soak through the bread and be sort of oozy and messy. Wondered if a
little quick-cooking tapioca mixed with the filling wouldn't do this trick as it's
TUESDAY:                                                                         done so many others. Tried it and it did. Cooked the tapioca until clear,
Decided to have just two things for luncheon and so cast about to have them  first. Then mixed in a small amount with the filling; it keeps the sandwich in
good but not too heavy. Opened a can of corn and heated it. Seasoned it wellfirst
with salt, pepper and a little sugar. Scalded three cups of milk and added to
corn. Thickened it with two tablespoons of flour blended with two tablespoons
of butter. Took from the stove, added yolks of two eggs, well beaten. and
served with browned croutons. Salad completed this meal, and so made a  SATURDAY:
lovely one with tomato slice, and canned figs. Dressed it with mayonnaise    Sally had a luncheon the other day and asked me for an entre. Isuggested
and served with a spot of chee~ and crusty rolls, and iced coffee, of course.  macaroni. Not just macaroni, but a hand-illumined edition, thus: One cup
macaroni, cooked. One cup scalded milk. One cup soft bread crumbs-fine.
WEDNEDAY:One-half cup melted butter, a chopped pimiento, a little chopped parsley, one
WEDNESDAY:tablespoon chopped green pepper, salt and pepper, and one-half cup grated
A       %%hough we must have our orange juice, somehow prunes do appeal of a  cheese. Three eggs, slightly beaten. Put together, adding milk last. Bake in
morning- in fact, we are for them at any time, stewed, purbed, made into whips  a moderate oven until like a soutlh3. It takesabout twenty minutes. Delicious
or pies or gelatin molds. Stewed prunes, or any other dried fruits, don't have  with a salad, shrimp mavonnaise in pppe case, with latticed cucumbers.
to be subjected to the old-time overnight soaking. Wash them, cover with
water, add about two tablespoons of sugar to each cup of prunes when cooking
is nearly done, and cook until soft. Sometimes I add lemon juice; in fact, any  SUNDAY:
dried fruit is improved thereby. and the whole process is mightily quickened by
the non-oaiing' ehd. Re-ult- are abi. a.% Just as good, and I think better.  Sunday again and a good hot one. A frozen dessert, for that may be made
and forgotten until dinner time. lDid what I call a B~lack Tulip, and it cer-
tainly was good. Scalded three cups of water and one cup milk with four
THURSDAY:                                                                        squares chocolate. When chocolate was dissolved, added one cup sugar, one-
eighth teaspoon silt and cooked in the double boiler for twenty minutes. Beat
Ordered summer squash, as it is so good right now. Peeled it and cut into  thoroughly, added two teaspoons vanilla and froze to a parfait consistency.
es a        fout one-fourth inch thiick. Seasoned                       S   eo n  slices with salt and pepper,  n tall glasses topped with whipped cream, and a little grated
a dlash of sugar, grated a P 1f oi<s on each piece. dipped in eine   chocolate Avocado salad dressed with lemon, lime and mreserved onions.
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