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Woman's world: the magazine of the country


Manning, Walter W.; Sanders, Cora Frances; Wallace, Lily Haxworth; Piper, Martha Hakes, Editor
Woman's world: the magazine of the country
[Vol. 46, No. 10]
Chicago, IL : Manning Publishing Company, October, 1930
54 pages ; 35 cm.

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[Cover] Woman's world - October 1930, pp. [1]-[2]

[Title Page] Woman's world - October 1930, p. [3]

Bequest intangible, West, Ann pp. 4-5

Useless, Ryerson, Florence; Clements, Colin pp. 6-7

The mystery of the pavilion, Mason, Grace Sartwell pp. 8-9

The genie of the ring, Steele, Alice Garland pp. 10-11

Romancing in the old world, Turnbull, Agnes Sligh pp. 12-13

Ten healthy babies from our recent competition, pp. 14-[16]

Small American homes of distinction, p. 17

Furnishing a livable and inviting home, Wileman, Edgar Harrison pp. 18-[19]

Tales of the Animal Isle, Frees, Harry Whittier pp. 20-[21]

A place in the sun, Tracy, Sharle p. 22

A wardrobe for a tiny miss, Bailey, Elizabeth Thankful p. 23

What Paris says about fall clothes, pp. 24-29

A touch of cutwork for distinctive linens, p. 30

Twin cross-stitch samplers, p. 31

Colorful gift smocks and lounging pajamas, Hyde, Blanche E. p. 32

Pillowcases with tinted hems, p. 33

Bequest intangible [con't], West, Ann pp. 34-35

The vital effect of diet on health, Estill, Nina Simmonds p. 36

The genie of the ring [con't], Steele, Alice Garland p. 37

Foreign meat dishes, Wallace, Lily Haxworth p. 38

Bread puddings de luxe, Wallace, Lily Haxworth p. 39

Breakfast, luncheon and dinner, Wallace, Lily Haxworth pp. 40-[42]

[Continued articles and works], pp. 43-53

The postman's whistle page, pp. 54-[55]

[Cover], p. [55]

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