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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1955-1957. China

United States policy with regard to the People's Republic of China and the Republic of China, January-July 1955,   pp. 1-689 ff. PDF (242.1 MB)

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                                               The China Area      649
     I am inclined to think that the best fall-back topic for us to sug-
gest is simply the renunciation of force by the Chinese Communists
in the entire area of the Taiwan Strait. This could be taken up con-
currently with the prisoner and student questions. With our estab-
lished desire to avoid the use of force and to urge a policy of re-
straint on the Chinese Nationalists under the exchange of notes of
December 10, we are on sound ground in insisting upon a like re-
straint on the part of the Chinese Communists. If this topic were
urged upon the Chinese Communists, they would be on the defen-
sive in rejecting it, as they would probably feel compelled to do.
     It is highly unlikely that the release of all the Americans, mili-
tary and civilian, held by the Chinese Communists will materialize in
the near future or that they will agree to a renunciation of the use of
force with maintenance of the status quo in the area of the Taiwan
Straits. Such being the case, we would have good ground for refusing
to discuss other topics until these are settled. We need not accept
Macmillan's argument that our formula is too restrictive. We could
take the position as to other topics that we will cross that bridge
when we get to it. In the meanwhile I suggest that we be careful to
avoid any indication that we think there is a wide range of marginal
questions or questions not involving the essential interests of the
GRC which might fruitfully be discussed. Insofar as I can see, there
is no wide range of such questions which could be taken up with
profit to ourselves at this time.
299.    Telegram From the Charge in the United Kingdom
        (Butterworth) to the Department of State 1
                                            London, July 14, 1955-1 p.m.
     176. Re Embtel 150, July 13, 2 following from FonOff:
     Brit Charge O'Neill, having received only 45 minutes notice,
called on Chou En-lai at 5:30 pm     on 13th and delivered President's
    'Source: Department of State, Central Files, 611.93/7-1455. Limited Distribution.
 Repeated for information to Paris for the Secretary. Dulles was in Paris
for meetings
 with the British and French Foreign Ministers in preparation for the Geneva
    2Telegram 150 reported that the Foreign Office had cabled O'Neill the
 day instructing him to seek an interview with Chou En-lai as soon as possible.
It also
 reported that the message contained in telegram 201 to London had been delivered
 Macmillan ,that morning and that the Foreign Office was sending a message
to Nehru
 as suggested therein. (ibid., 611.93/7-1355) For telegram 201 to London,
see footnote 3,
 Document 295.

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