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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1952-1954. China and Japan (in two parts)

The China area,   pp. 1-1061 ff. PDF (381.2 MB)

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  The Joint Chiefs of Staff consider that these military views
should be overriding and should govern United States policy for
the foreseeable future and in the course of any United States nego-
tiations which may follow an armistice in Korea.
  In addition, a review of the objectives of current programs of
military assistance and covert activities has indicated the need for
early resolution of certain fundamental questions of concern to the
National Security Council. Accordingly, I recommend that the
Council undertake, at an early date, a review of NSC 48/5 2 insofar
as it pertains to United States policy toward Formosa, the Chinese
Nationalist Government, and other anti-Communist Chinese forces.
                                               WILLIAM C. FOSTER
 2 For text of NSC 48/5, "United States Objectives, Policies and Courses
of Action
 in Asia," May 17, 1951, see Foreign Relations, 1951, vol. vi, Part
1, p. 33.
                             No. 12
293.1111/3-2852: Telegram
      The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Gifford) to the
                      Department of State 1
CONFIDENTIAL                      LONDON, March 28, 1952-1 a.m.
  4301. 1. On subject Commonwealth and US citizens under arrest
China, Brit mission Peiping has submitted to FonOff following com-
prehensive and vigorous proposals re new representations and pub-
  (a) Commonwealth wld address note to Vice Min FonAffs which
wld be factual in tone and in considerable detail, covering all
Amers and most Commonwealth citizens under arrest. Amers wld
include all listed Hong Kong's despatch 1839, March 4, 2 except Mr.
and Mrs. Bradshaw, Perkins, and Middleton, and adding Sjodin,
McCabe (Depom Dec 29, 1951),2 and White.
  (b) At same time FonOff shld release statement to press saying
that as there has been no improvement in situation since represen-
tations made in August, 3 Lamb had, under instructions from
FonOff and in accordance with request other govts concerned,
brought to attention CPG all known cases of UK, Austral, Canadi-
an and US natls reported under detention. Lamb suggests that if
this expedient used details of worst cases shld be released in confi-
  1 Repeated for information to Hong Kong and New Delhi.
  2 Not printed.
  3 For information relating to the representations made on Sept. 1, 1951,
by Lionel
Lamb, the British Charg6 in Peking, see telegrams 883, Aug. 15, and 1195,
Sept. 4,
Foreign Relations, 1951, vol. VII, Part 2, pp. 1789 and 1796.

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