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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1952-1954. China and Japan (in two parts)

The China area,   pp. 1-1061 ff. PDF (381.2 MB)

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prompt action to clarify the present situation lay in the fact that
Red China is known to have an attacking force of 400 jet planes
which could be launched against Formosa; of these about 40 are in
the vicinity of Canton on the mainland, and a number of others are
at present located in North China.
  It was generally agreed that the orders to Admiral Radford and
those to General Chase should be clarified at the earliest practica-
ble moment.
                               No. 9
S/P-NSC files, lot 61 D 167, "Southeast Asia"
    Memorandum by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to the Secretary of
                          Defense (Lovett) 1
TOP SECRET                             WASHINGTON, March 4, 1952.
Subject: United States Policies on Support for Anti-Communist
    Chinese Forces.
  1. This memorandum is in response to your memorandum of 3
January 1952, in which you request that the Joint Chiefs of Staff,
from the military point of view, review and make comments on a
letter of 11 December 1951 from the Director of Central Intelli-
gence (DCI) regarding United States policies on support for anti-
Communist Chinese forces, and further, that the Joint Chiefs of
Staff make such recommendations on the general subject as they
deem pertinent.
  2. This memorandum is also responsive to your memorandum,
dated 9 February 1952, forwarding a letter from the DCI, dated 30
January 1952, 2 both dealing with the above subject.
  3. From the military point of view, the Joint Chiefs of Staff fully
indorse the view of the DCI, as expressed in the basic letter, dated
  I Filed with a memorandum of Mar. 24 from Allison to Secretary Acheson,
stated that it had recently been received informally from the Department
of De-
fense, along with a memorandum for the NSC Executive Secretary, the text
which is identical to NSC 128, Document 11. Allison commented that the implica-
tions of these papers were so far reaching that they should have prompt and
ough consideration by the Department of State; he recommended that the Policy
Planning Staff be directed as a matter of urgency to undertake a through
study of
these problems in cooperation with the Bureau of Far Eastern Affairs and
Office of the Counselor. (S/P-NSC files, lot 61 D 167, "Southeast Asia")
  A similar recommendation was contained in a memorandum of Jan. 3 addressed
to the Secretary by Allison but not sent, commenting on a letter of December
1951, from Director of Central Intelligence Walter Bedell Smith to Lovett,
not print-
ed. Allison's Jan. 3 memorandum, initialed by him but marked "not sent",
is in CA
files, lot 59 D 228.
  2 Neither printed.

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