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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1952-1954. China and Japan (in two parts)

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GASTON, Herbert, Chairman of the Export-Import Bank until 1954.
GAY, Merrill C., Economic Adviser, Bureau of Far Eastern Affairs, Department
   State, to September 1953; thereafter Officer in Charge of Economic Affairs,
   Office of Near Eastern Affairs.
GIFFORD, Walter S., Ambassador in the United Kingdom to January 1953.
GLEASON, S. Everett, Deputy Executive Secretary of the National Security
HAGERTY, James C., Press Secretary to President Eisenhower from January 1953.
HAMMARSKJOLD, Dag, Secretary-General of the United Nations from April 1953.
HAMES, John W., Personal Assistant to Secretary of State Dulles.
HARRIMAN, W. Averell, Director for Mutual Security to January 1953.
HARRINGTON, Julian F., Minister of Embassy in the Philippines from March
   Minister and Consul General in Hong Kong, July 1952-December 1954.
HATOYAMA, Ichiro, member of the Japanese Diet and a leader of the Liberal
    Prime Minister of Japan from December 1954.
HEMMENDINGER, Noel, Officer in Charge of Economic Affairs, Office of Northeast
   Asian Affairs, Department of State, to September 1954; thereafter Acting
   Deputy Director, Office of Northeast Asian Affairs.
HICKEY, Lieutenant General Doyle O., United States Army, Chief of Staff,
    Nations Command, and Chief of Staff, Far East Command to 1953.
HOOVER, Herbert, Jr., Consultant to the Secretary of State from October 1953;
   Under Secretary of State from October 1954.
HUANG HUA, Counselor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, People's Republic of China,
    1953-1954; adviser and spokesman, People's Republic of China Delegation
at the
    Geneva Conference, 1954; Head of the West European and African Affairs
    partment, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, from September 1954.
HULL, General John E., United States Army, Vice Chief of Staff for Operations
    Administration, United States Army to October 1953; thereafter Commander
    Chief, Far East; Commander in Chief, United Nations Command; and Governor
    of the Ryukyu Islands.
HUMPHREY, George M., Secretary of the Treasury from January 1953.
IGUCHI, Sadao, Japanese Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, 1952; Japanese
    dor in Canada to March 1954; thereafter Ambassador in the United States.
IKEDA, Hiyato, Japanese Minister of Finance to October 1952; Minister of
    tional Trade and Industry, October-November 1952; Personal Representative
    the Japanese Prime Minister, October-November 1953; Secretary General
of the
    Liberal Party from July 1954.
IZEKI, Yujiro, Head of the International Cooperation Bureau, Japanese Ministry
    Foreign Affairs.
JENKINS, Alfred LeS., Second Secretary of Embassy in the Republic of China
    March 1952; Office of Chinese Affairs, Department of State, March 1952-Janu-
    ary 1953; thereafter Officer in Charge of Political Affairs, Office of
Chinese Af-
    fairs; Adviser to the United States Delegation at the Geneva Conference.
JOHNSON, Earl D., Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower and Reserve Forces),
    1952; Under Secretary of the Army, 1952-1954.
JOHNSON, U. Alexis, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Far Eastern Affairs
    October 1953; Ambassador in Czechoslovakia from December 1953; United
    States Coordinator for the Geneva Conference, 1954.
JONES, Howard P., Counselor of Embassy in the Republic of China to March
    Counselor of Embassy and Director of the Foreign Operations Administration
    Mission in Indonesia from June 1954.

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