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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1952-1954. China and Japan (in two parts)

List of persons,   pp. XVII-XXIII ff. PDF (2.4 MB)


                         LIST OF PERSONS
 EDITOR'S NOrE-This list is designed to provided ready reference for identification
of those persons mentioned most frequently. The identification of the persons
this list is generally limited to positions and circumstances under reference
in the
volume and is confined to the years 1952-1954. All titles and positions are
unless otherwise indicated. Where no dates are given, the individual usually
the position throughout the period covered by the volume.
ACHESON, Dean G., Secretary of State to January 1953.
AICHI, Kiichi, Japanese parliamentary Vice Minister of Finance in 1953; Minister
    International Trade and Industry, January-December 1954.
ALDRICH, Winthrop W., Ambassador in the United Kingdom from February 1953.
AuLN, George V., Ambassador in India, May 1953-November 1954.
ALLISON, John M., Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Far Eastern Affairs,
    uary 1952; Assistant Secretary, February 1952-April 1953; Ambassador
in Japan
    from May 1953.
ANDERSON, Robert B., Secretary of the Navy, February 1953-May 1954; thereafter
    Deputy Secretary of Defense.
ARAKI, Eikichi, Japanese Ambassador in the United States, June 1952-March
BENSON, Ezra Taft, Secretary of Agriculture from January 1953.
BLACK, Eugene R., President and Chairman of the Executive Directors of the
    national Bank for Reconstruction and Development from 1949.
BOHLEN, Charles E., Counselor of the Department of State to March 1953; Ambassa-
    dor in the Soviet Union from April 1953.
BOND, Niles W., Counselor of Mission in Japan to April 1952; Counselor of
    April 1952-January 1953; Counselor of Embassy in Korea, January 1953-August
    1954; thereafter Deputy Director, Office of United Nations Political
and Security
    Affairs, Department of State.
BOwiE, Robert R., Director of the Policy Planning Staff, Department of State,
    May 1953.
Bowus, Chester, Ambassador in India to March 1953.
BRADLEY, General of the Army Omar N., Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
    August 1953.
BRENT, Joseph L., Deputy Director of the Foreign Operations Administration
    sion, Republic of China, July 1953-March 1954; thereafter Director.
BRUCE, David K.E., Under Secretary of State, April 1952-January 1953; Consultant
    to the Secretary of State, January-February 1953; thereafter United States
    resentative to the European Coal and Steel Community.
CARNEY, Admiral Robert B., United States Navy, Commander in Chief, United
    States Naval Forces, Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean, 1952; Commander
    Chief, Allied Forces Southern Europe, 1952-1953; Chief of Naval Operations
    from August 1953.
CHASE, Major General William C., United States Army, Chief, Military Assistance
    Advisory Group, Formosa.
CH'EN CH'ENG, President of the Executive Yuan (Premier), Republic of China,
    May 1954; thereafter Vice President of the Republic of China.

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