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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1952-1954. China and Japan (in two parts)

List of abbreviations and symbols,   pp. XIII-XVI PDF (1.3 MB)

Page XVI

  the U.S. Delegation at an internation-
  al conference
TIAS, Treaties and Other International
  Acts Series
Topad, designation for telegraphic cor-
  respondence in either direction be-
  tween the U.S. Political Adviser to
  SCAP and the Department of State
Topol, series indicator for telegrams to
  the U.S. Special Representative in
  Europe (after June 12, 1953, the U.S.
  Permanent Representative on the
  North Atlantic Council)
Tousfo, series indicator for telegrams
to the Foreign Operations Adminis-
tration in Washington from its mis-
sions abroad
translip, transmittal slip
UC, Unified Command
UK, United Kingdom
UKHC, United Kingdom High Commis-
UN, United Nations
UNC, United Nations Command
unn, unnumbered
UNO, United Nations Organization
UNSYG, United Nations Secretary-
UP, Uttar Pradesh (India)
urmsg, your message
urtel, your telegram
USAF, United States Air Force
USCAR, United States Civil Adminis-
tration of the Ryukyus
USDel, United States Delegation
USFJ, United States Forces in Japan
USG, United States Government
USIA, United States Information
USPolAd, United States Political Ad-
viser (to SCAP)
USSR, Union of Soviet Socialist Repub-
UST, United States Treaties and Other
International Agreements
WE, Western Hemisphere
Weeka, weekly, interagency, summary
analysis from United States diplo-
matic missions
ZI, Zone of Interior

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