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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1952-1954. China and Japan (in two parts)

Slany, William Z.
Preface,   pp. III-IV PDF (556.9 KB)

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the documents, makes declassification decisions, and obtains the
clearance of geographic and functional bureaus of the Department
of State, as well as of other appropriate agencies of the govern-
ment. The Center, in coordination with the geographic bureaus of
the Department of State, conducts communications with foreign
governments regarding documents or information of those govern-
ments proposed for inclusion in Foreign Relations volumes.
  John P. Glennon supervised the preparation of this volume. Har-
riet D. Schwar compiled the section on China and David W. Mabon
prepared the section on Japan. Louis J. Smith assisted in declassifi-
cation, and Mr. Mabon in final editing. Margaret Roman prepared
the lists of names and abbreviations, and Rosa D. Pace the list of
  Until his retirement in 1979, Deputy Historian Fredrick Aandahl
directed the entire Foreign Relations project, including the prepa-
ration of this volume.
  Rita M. Baker and Joann G. Alba performed technical editing
under the supervision of Margie R. Wilber in the Publishing Serv-
ices Division (Paul M. Washington, Chief). The Twin Oaks Indexing
Collective prepared the index.
                                              WILLIAM Z. SLANY
                                                  The Historian
                                        Bureau of Public Affairs

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