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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1952-1954. Indochina (in two parts)

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ERSKINE, General Graves B., USMC (ret.), Director of the Office of Special
    Operations, Department of Defense, !953-1954; Chairman of the Working
    Group of the President's Special Committee on Indochina.
FAURE, Edgar, Prime Minister of France to March 8, 1952.
FECHTELEn, AdmiraL William M., USN, Chief of Naval Operations to August 16,
    1953; thereafter, Commander in Chief, Allied Forces, Southern Europe.
FOSTER, William C., Deputy Secretary of Defense to January 20, 1953.
FRANKS, Sir Oliver, British Ambassador in the United States to February 1953.
GEORGE, Senator Walter F., Democrat of Georgia; ranking minority member of
    the Foreign Relations Committee, 1953-1954.
GIAo. See Pham Van Giao.
GIAP. See Vo Nguyen Giap.
GIBSON, William M., Deputy Director, Office of Philippine and Southeast Asian
    Affairs, Department of State, 1952; First Secretary and Consul of the
    bassy in France, from December 6, 1952.
GIFFORD, Walter S., Ambassador in the United Kingdom to January 23, 1953.
GLEASON, S. Everett, Deputy Executive Secretary of the National Security
GRUENTHER, General Alfred M., USA, Chief of Staff to the Supreme Allied Com-
    mander, Europe to July 11, 1953; thereafter, Commander in Chief, U.S.
    European Command, and Supreme Allied Commander, Europe.
GULLION, Edmund A., Counselor of Embassy at Saigon, 1952; Member, Policy
    Planning Staff, Department of State, from September 26, 1952.
HAGERTY, James C., Press Secretary to the President from January 21, 1953.
HARRIMAN, W. Averell, Director for Mutual Security to January 20, 1953.
HEATH, Donald R., Ambassador (Minister to June 1952) at Saigon accredited
    Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Appointments terminated October (Cam-
    bodia) and November (Vietnam, Laos) 1954.
HENSEL, H. Struve, General Counsel, Department of Defense, August 17, 1953-
    March 4, 1954; Assistant Secretary of Defense (International Security
    Affairs) from March 5, 1954.
HICKERSON, John D., Assistant Secretary of State for United Nations Affairs
    July 27, 1953.
HINH. See Nguyen Van Hinh.
Ho CHI MINH, President of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.
HoEY, Robert E., Officer in Charge, Vietnam-La.os-Cambodia Affairs, Office
    Philippine and Southeast Asian Affairs, Department of State.
HoovER, Herbert, Jr., Consultant to the Secretary of State from October 14,
    Under Secretary of State from October 4, 1954.
Howu, Fisher, Deputy Special Assistant for Intelligence, Department of State.
HULL, General John E., USA, Vice Chief of Staff, United States Army, to Octo-
    ber 6, 1953; thereafter, Clommander in Chief, Far East, Commanding Gen-
    eral, U.S. Army Forces Far East, and Commander in Chief, United Nations
    Command, in Korea.
 HUMPHREY, George M., Secretary of the Treasury from January 21, 1953.
 Huu. See Tran Van Huu.
 HuY KANTHOUL, Prime Minister of Cambodia to June 15, 1952.
 J*CKSON, C. D., Special Assistant to the President, February 16, 1953-March
 JEssuP, Philip C., Ambassador at Large to January 19, 1953.
 JOHNSON, Senator Lyndon B., Democrat -of Texas; Member of the Armed Serv-
    ices Committee: Minority Floor Leader, 1953-1954.
 JOHNSON, TU. Alexis, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Far Eastern
    1952-1953; Counselor of Embassy in Czechoslovakia from December 31, 1953;
    Coordinator of the United States Delegation to the Geneva Conference,
 KEY, David McK., Assistant Secretary of State for United Nations Affairs
    national Organization Affairs from August 25, 1954) from December 18,
 KIDDER, Randolph A., First Secretary and Consul at Saigon, June 1, 1953-July
    1954; Counselor of Embassy at Saigon from July 23, 1954.
KImNY. See N-ong Kimny.

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