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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1951. Asia and the Pacific (in two parts)

South Asia: multilateral relations,   pp. 1650-2003 PDF (136.2 MB)

Page 2001

                 NORTH-WEST FRONTIER PROVINCE                2001
-might be prepared to envisage a US undertaking (in which it was
-made clear that support of Afghan cause not included) that Afghan-
Pashtun case be given a hearing a few years from now, since by so
,doing GOP would remove immediate annoyance which no doubt has
,bearing on its dispute over Kashmir. In any case, I believe it wld
strengthen PriMin's hand in his evident attempts to chart a more
moderate course if we cld give him some encouragement and at the
-same time bolster our primary thesis that, whatever may be themerits
.of Afghan-Pashtun case, at the present time we shld all present a
united front against Commie aggression.
   Dept pass Karachi. Sent Dept 250; rptd info Karachi 41, London
 689.90D/11-2951: Telegram
 Ihe Ambassador in Afghanistan (Merrell) to the Secretary of State
 SECRET                          KABUL, November 29, 1951-noon.
   260. Dept pass DeptAr G-2. Pak Charg6 wishing discuss "Hussain-
Majid agreement" (Embtel to Dept 254, Nov 26)' called on Horner
yesterday. Horner attempted impress upon Abdur Rahman advan-
tages of positive GOP response to GOA's evident desire to achieve face-
saving compromise to Pash question. Abdur Rahman said he wld call
on AF Amb to London Shah Wali (who has been visiting Kabul, and
is brother PriMin and uncle of King) with object inciting him to travel
back via Karachi (Emb had understood previously that Shah Wali
-wished to go thru Pak, but was.uncertain of his reception). He also
said, if response was favorable, he wld ask GOP to extend formal
invitation and to urge warm reception calculated to improve polit
  Abdur Rahman agreed that essential feature of any agreement is
face-saving formula. In that regard, Horner indicated Emb's strong
belief that gradual cessation propaganda on both sides was crux of
:situation without which no agreement was possible. Horner also sug-
gested that during period in which propaganda being diminished 1it
wld be most helpful if GOP cld make some unsolicited offer to im-
prove transit Afghan goods, even to point of suggesting possibility of
free port arrangement and extension of rail line from Chaman into
  'Telegram 254, from Kabul, November 26, not printed, reported that the
flussain-Majid "agreement" outlined in Karachi's telegram 44 to
Kabul, No-
vember 15 (same as telegram 525 to Washington, p. 1999) had been reposing
In the Prime Minister's desk and that the Minister of Foreign Affairs had
summoned from vacation to Kabul to consider it. The acting Minister of Foreign
Affairs had stated that while the agreement might not lead to a solution
it was
"encouraging." (689.90D)/11-2651)

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