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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1951. Asia and the Pacific (in two parts)

South Asia: multilateral relations,   pp. 1650-2003 PDF (136.2 MB)

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   4) Info Emb may have re Majid's possible reaction new prospects
 agreement on basis his talks with Hussain.
   Emb Kabul only:
   Re 1 above: comment on substance Karachi tel 524.
   Re 2: any indication extent Majid authorized or instructed approach
 GOP this line.
   Re 3: Estimate GOA willingness go along with phased program.
   Info re Majid's itinerary.
 689.90D/11-2451 :Telegram
 The Ambassador in Afghanistan (Merrell) to the Secretary of State
 SECRET                          KABUL, November 24, 1951-4 p. m.
   251. My Brit colleague, who is leaving Kabul shortly on reassign-
 ment, recently called on ex-PriMin Hashim Khan (brother of present
 PriMin and uncle of King Zahir) to say farewell. He found Hashim
 with his nephew, ex-War Min Daud. In course conversation, Gardener
 gathered firm impression both men were extremely worried about
 imputations assassination Liaquat was agent GOA. Moreover, they
 seemed to have reached realization that Afghan-Pashtun propaganda
 has misfired. Gardener, who had many years' experience this general
 area feels that present atmosphere is more propitious for some form
 of settlement Pak-Afghan rift than at any time since his tenure began
 over two years ago.
   Gardener is of opinion, which I share, that reported release of 120
killers with orders infiltrate Pakistan and eliminate Pak public men
(Karachi tel to Dept 524 Nov 15) seems incredible. We both consider
that present GOA leaders are far too intelligent to adopt any such
course of action, and we both believe it unlikely that any subordinate
official wld dare to open prison gates without explicit authorization
from above.
  Dept pass Karachi. Sent Dept 251; rptd info Karachi 42. London
689.90D/11-2451 :Telegram
The Almbas8ador in Afghani8tan (Mierrell) to the Secretary of State
SECRET                         KABUL, November 24, 1951-5 p. m.
  250. While I fully agree we shld continue to urge GOA to talk
directly with GOP re their common problems (Deptel 165, Novem-
ber 15),-I am not so sure We shld not give further consideration Pri-
Mim's offer (Embtel 231, Nov 8). It occurs to me that GOP itself

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