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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1951. Asia and the Pacific (in two parts)

South Asia: multilateral relations,   pp. 1650-2003 PDF (136.2 MB)

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               NORTH-WEST FRONTIER PROVINCE                1999
689.90D/11-1551: Telegram
  The Ambassador in Pakistan (Warren),to the Secretary of State
SECRET                      KARACHI, November 15, 1951-10 p. m.
  525. In conversation tonight Mahmud Hussain Acting Fon Min
stated that when Abdul Majid in Karachi on way to US he called on
PriMin and on Hussain. Majid stated to Hussain Afghan had to make
friends with Paks otherwise Afghan wld be "taken over by Soviets".
Hussain replied Paks willing go all out on their side improve Pak-
Afghan relations on mutual basis economically and politically, ex-
changing Amb, ceasing propaganda, and even discussing Pushtoon
question without publicity. Majid stated Afghan Govt wld have, let
people know question being discussed owing popular feeling. Hussain
stated Paks cld not have, publicity due loss face with Pak public. He
emphasized to Majid this not concession on Pak's part. Agreement
reached between two that propaganda wld gradually decrease over
period three months at-end of which Amb wld exchange and at that
stage discussions on'Pnshtoon and other issues wid begin. Majid was
to write to Afghan Fonr Min not then in Kabul and answer wld be
channeled thru Colonel Shah to Hussain. No reply yet reed by Pak.
  Dept pass, Kabul; sent.Dept 525, rptd info Kabul 44.
689.90D/11-1551 :,Telegram
     The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Pakistan
 SECRET               WASHINGTON, November 24, 1951-1:06 p. m.
 495. Dept willing believe. there may be growing Afghan realization
 dangerous potentialities continuation Pushtoonistan campaign, and
 increasing GOA inclination reach solution. In view fact Pushtoonistan
 propaganda situation orig created by GOA, Dept does not believe
 incumbent Pak make concessions as such, but it wld be highly desirable
 if GOP cld react conciliatory manner toward any GOA proposals
 promising relieve tension and approach solution. Karachi tel 525
 Nov 15 (44 to Kabul) suggests GOP willingness to go along with GOA
 on phased program, but it is possible to deduce from Hussain's remarks
 (Karachi 524 Nov 15, 43 to.Kabul) GOP may be preparing to renew
 strong anti-Afghan propaganda campaign.
 Dept requests Emb Karachi's views without outside discussion re
   1) Actg GOP FonMin purpose informing you along lines urtel 524.
   2) Importance GOP may attach to talks with M~ajid.
   3) Possibility Pak Govt willingness scale down propaganda and
 exchange Ambs (urtel 525) leaving matters of a~gendla and publicity
 for later settlement.

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