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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1951. Asia and the Pacific (in two parts)

South Asia: multilateral relations,   pp. 1650-2003 PDF (136.2 MB)

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endeavored to appeal to my vanity by saying I cld make a great name
for myself if I cld solve the outstanding dispute between Afghan
and Pak. When he replied in negative as to whether he had any new
ideas how this cld be done or how Afghan cld cooperate I emphasized
my opinion that cessation of provocative and useless propaganda by
both sides wld help a great deal. To this he replied.quite categorically
that if US wld give an undertaking to see that the question of
Pashtuns were brought before UN "in three or four years when world
was calmer" he wld be willing to abolishall.propaganda. When asked
if that meant question of Pashtunistan wld be dropped he said yes.
He explained that such an undertaking wld have to be a written docu-
ment so that he wid have something to show "the .young men of
Afghan" and some of the tribal leaders.
  Whether this furnishes the possibility of a solution or not, it cer-
tainly seems to verify Afghan's keen desire -for ,face-saving formula
(last para Deptel 154, November 3).3
  Dept pass Karachi. Sent Dept 231; rptd info Karachi 36i
  In telegram 165, to Kabul, November 15, the Department replied as follows:
"Dept inclined agree PriMins remarks (Embtel 231 Nov 8) may reflect
find face saving formula, but for time being Dept believes it has exhausted
possibilities. Dept assumes Emb agrees consideration- PriMins proposal re
out of question. We shld continue urge Afghan officials to talk directly
Paks re their common problems." (689.90D/11-851)
689.90D/11-1551 : Telegram
  The Ambassador in Pakistan (Warren)'to the-Secretary of State
SECRET                       KARACHI, November 15,01951-10 p. m.
  524. Acting FonMin Mahmud Hussain informed me tonight in con-
versation called at his request that Paks had recd info over past two-
three weeks that Afghan auths had recently surreptitiously released
from incarceration over 120 known killers with orders infiltrate Pak
and eliminate Pak public men. At first Paks did not believe but
Hussain states that info has now reached Paks causing them consider
reports beyond doubt. He wld not reveal sources of latter info beyond
admitting that some came from Pak Emb Kabul, but with most from
many other sources. Added that if other public men assassinated by
suspected Afghan nationals, govt will be unable hold people in check.
  Dept pass Kabul; sent Dept 524, rptd info Kabul 43.

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