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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1951. Asia and the Pacific (in two parts)

South Asia: multilateral relations,   pp. 1650-2003 PDF (136.2 MB)

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bear its share of blame. Shah Mahmoud stated emphatically that GOA
had nothing whatever to do with assassination. We are inclined to
believe such is the case, while not overruling possibility that certain
Afghan elements may have had a hand in affair.
  On the face of it assassination Liaquat wld hardly seem to further
Afghan interests and on contrary seems calculated to harm them.
However, as we have commented before, Afghans do not always act
from what we wld consider rational motives.
  We think it highly improbable that Commies were behind assassina-
tion and have seen no suggestion to that effect. While assassination
might, by further worsening Pak-Af relations generally be to ad-
vantage USSR, on- basis facts available to us we wld dismiss Soy
implication as unlikely. FonMin, who says -he is not very familiar
with Commie activities in Pak, also feels they were not involved.2
  Dept pass Karachi sent Dept 24 rptd info Karachi 31, pouched New
Delhi unnumbered, Moscow unnumbered, London unnumbered.
  2Telegram 429 from Karachi, October 23, not printed, reported that, in
ance with the request of the Pakistani Government, the Pakistani press had
October 16 refrained from referring to the Afghan connections of the assassin.
The Government had not released to the public the information that the assassin
was in contact with the Afghan Consul at Peshawar. The telegram further re-
ported that the Pakistani Government had no information indicating any Com-
munist connection with the assassination. (689.90D/10-2351)
689.90D/i1-351 :Telegram
   The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Afghanistan
CONFIDENTIAL            WASHINGTON, November 3, 1951-3:29 p. m.
   154. Amb's' remarks conversation with McGhee 31st re Pak rela-
tions included fol:
  1. Expression GOA disappointment termination Nov 6 approach.
  2. Breakdown due GOP unwillingness accept formula in language
permitting possibility discussion status Pushtoons.
  3. GOAĆ½ like US keenly aware chief danger USSR, hence greatly
concerned prevent additional Asian crisis.
  4. Notwithstanding UK-GOP assertions no discontent border area
we shld not overlook fact this crisis developing daily. Symptoms
anti-Pak feeling which Afghans unable ignore include tribal dels to
Kabul, "weekly" border clashes, presence Chitral refugee Kabul
fUgitive from "intolerable pressures" (Karachi desp 443 Oct 11)
,2 and
assassination Liaquat.
  5. Continued bilateral. negots futile; only'hope settlement is con-
  tinuation US efforts.,
  6. Naim here obtain US suggestions next steps.
  1Sardar Mohammad Naim, Afghan Ambassador.
  2 o printed.

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