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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1951. Asia and the Pacific (in two parts)

South Asia: multilateral relations,   pp. 1650-2003 PDF (136.2 MB)

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   Donald D. Kennedy, Deputy Director, Office of South Asian Affairs.
   Philip L. Kelser, Officer in Charge, Economic Affairs, Office of
 South Asian Affairs.
   William J. Handley, Labor Advisor, Bureau of Near Eastern, South
 Asian and African Affairs.
   S. Shepa rd Jones, Officer in Charge, Public Affairs, Bureau of Near
 Eastern, South Asian and African Affairs.
 Fromr& Foreign Service Establishments:
 Hon. Loy W. Henderson, American Ambassador, New Delhi.
   Clifford C. Taylor, Counselor
   Henry L. Deimel, Counselor
   Fraser Wilkins, First Secretary
   Henry Sokolov, Attache
   Clare H. Timberlake, Public Affairs Officer
   Hon. Joseph C. Satterthwaite, American Ambassador, Colombo.
   Myron L. Black, Economic Officer
   Theodore L. Eliot Jr., Administrative Officer
   Ellis V., Glynn, Administrative Assistant
   Argus Tresider, Public Affairs Officer
   Hon. Avra Warren, American Ambassador, Karachi.
   Henry W. Spielman, Second Secretary
   Hugh Crumpler, Acting Information Officer
   Hon. George R. Merrell, Ambassador Designate, Kabul.
   Fred W. Jandrey, First Secretary
   Joseph Leeming, Public Affairs Officer
   Prescott Childs, Consul General, Bombay.
   J. G. Evans, Economic Officer
   G. Edward Clark, Public Affairs Officer
   L. A. Squires, Consul
   Evan M. Wilson, Consul General, Calcutta.
   Wilson E. Sweeney, Consul
   George Mann, Public Affairs Officer
   Robert Rossow, Jr., Vice Consul, Madras.
   Robert A. Christopher, Vice Consul
   Stanley R. Chartrand, Public Affairs Officer
   Austin R. Preston, Consul General, Lahore.
   Charles D. Withers, Consul, Dacca.
   Arthur Richards, Counselor, American Embassy, Tehran.
   Joseph Palmer, First Secretary, American Embassy, London.
   Edwin W. Martin, Second Secretary, American Embassy, Rangoon.
   Norman B. Hannah, Third Secretary, American Embassy, Bangkok.
   Edmund A. Gullion, Counselor, American Embassy, Saigon.
   Vinton Chapin, Counselor, American Embassy, Manila.
From other Departments and Agencies:
  Captain Ernest M. Eller, USN, Commander, Middle East Forces.
  Stanley Andrews, Director, Office of Foreign Agricultural Rela-
tions, Department of Agriculture.
  Carleton Wood, Director, Far East Division, Office of International
Trade, Department of Comme~rce.

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