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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1951. Asia and the Pacific (in two parts)

List of abbreviations and symbols,   pp. VII-XI ff. PDF (2.0 MB)

Page IX

ICFTU, International Confederation
  of Free Trade Unions
ICJ, International Court of Justice
ICRC, International Committee of the
  Red Cross
ILO, International Labor Organization
IMF, International Monetary Fund
Indo, Indonesia; Indonesian
INR, Bureau of Intelligence and Re-
  search, Department of State
intel, circular information telegram
IRAA,    Imperial  Rule   Assistance
  Association. (Taisei Yokusan Kei),
  a Japanese organization banned un-
  der the purge
IRAPS, Imperial Rule      Assistance
  Political Society (Taisei Seiji Kai),
  a Japanese organization. banned
  under the purge
ISAC, International Security Affairs
  JCRR, Joint (United States-Chinese)
  Commission on Rural Rehabilita-
  tion (Taiwan)
  JCS, Joint. Chiefs of Staff
  JGOA, Japanese Government Overseas
  JUSMAG, Joint United States Mili-
  tary Advisory Group
  KBE, Knight Commander, Order of
  the British Empire
  KCB, Knight Commander of the Bath
  KL, Koninklijke Leger (Royal Nether-
  lands Army)
  KMT, Kuomintang (Nationalis~t
  Party), Republic of China
  KNIL, Koninklijke Nederladndsche In-
  dische Leger (Royal Netherlands In-
  donesian Army)
  L, Office of the Legal Adviser, Depart-
  ment of State
  L/FE, Assistant Legal Adviser for
  Far Eastern Affairs, Department
  of State
  Legtel, Legation telegram
  Lon, London
  Lontel, London telegram
  LSSL, landing ship support, large
  LST, landing ship, tank
  LVF, Lien Viet Front (League for the
  National Union of Vietnam)
  M/C, memorandum of conversation
MAAG, Military Assistance Advisory
MASJUMI, Madjelis Sjuro Muslimin
  Indonesia (Council of the Indonesian
  Moslem Association)
MATS, Military Air Transport Service
MC, Military Cross (British)
MDA, Mutual Defense Assistance
MDAA, Mutual Defense Assistance
MDAP, Mutual Defense Assistance
MEA, Ministry of External Affairs
MFN, most favored nation
MilAtt, Military Attach6
Milob, military observer
MinFin,-Minster of Finance
Misun, series indicator for messages
  to the United States Mission at the
  United Nations
MKA, Morrison-Knudsen Afghanis-
  tan, Inc.
MSA, Mutual Security Act (Agency)
MSP, Mutual Security Program
NA, Office of Northeast Asian Affairs,
   Department of State
 NAC, National Advisory Council on
 International Monetary and Finan-
   cial Problems
 NAT, North Atlantic Treaty
 NATO, North Atlantic Treaty Organi-
 NDC, National Development Council,
   an agency of the Philippine Govern-
 NEA, Bureau of Near Eastern, South
   Asian, and African Affairs, Depart-
   ment of State
 NEI, Netherlands East Indies.
 niact, night action, communications
   indicator requiring attention by the
   recipient at any hour of the day or
 NIE, National Intelligence Estimate
 NNG, Netherlands New Guinea
 NPR, National Police Reserve (Japan)
 NPRJ,   Japanese   National  Police
 NSC, National Security Council
 OAS, Organization of American States
 ODM, Office of Defense Mobilization
 OEEC, Office for European Economic

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