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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1951. The Near East and Africa

Egypt,   pp. 343-444 PDF (39.2 MB)

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factory defense settlement with Egypt. Will review situation with
McGhee next Monday with view to determining what helpful further
action we can take.
641.74/4-151 :Telegram
  The Aimbassador in Egypt (Caffery) to the Department of State 1
TOP SECRET    PRIORITY                CAIRO, April 1, 1951-7 p. m.
  1001. Course long discussions McGhee and Egypt FonMin 2 re-
viewed Anglo-Egypt negots. Salaheddin said Egypt agrees receive
Brit forces in Egypt during time of aggression against Brit, Egypt
or adjacent countries, but cld not accept Brit forces in peace time.
Salaheddin has insisted during negots that Brit evacuation take place
within one year allowing what he termed adequate time for raising
standards 10,000 Egypt combat troops plus 400 pilots -as allowed by
the treaty (or 20,000 if necessary) to take over defense job. Fayed
to be maintained by Egyptians in good working order. Salaheddin
said Bevin had agreed to principle of transfer responsibility but
Egyptians concerned new Brit tune after Bevin turned over to Mor-
rison seeming indicate going back on what Bevin agreed to. Egypt
FonMin -said Egypt had no concern Brit Parliamentary conditions.
He said, "I did not speak to Mr. Bevin in his personal capacity but
I ispoke to him as Secy of State for Foreign Affairs of the United
Kingdom". He insisted also Sudan problem inextricably bound with
problem evacuation. Re Sudan FonMin stated he had agreed to two
year transition period and that though Bevin tried separate questions
Egypt cannot accept such separation and is determined agreement is
conditional on both situations. He said "our attitude regarding this
question is that we and our compatriots the Sudanese are agreed that
the Sudan shld have its own govt and parliament in unity with Egypt
represented by the Egypt crown for foreign policy, defense and cur-
rency and other matters which Egyptians and their compatriots the
  Sudanese may agree to".
  McGhee explained US had not been, and not willing now become,
  party Anglo-Egypt negots though we had discussed and will continue
  to discuss problems with both in friendly vein. In this connection
  McGhee said US recognized (1) "You have certain legitimate
  nationalistic aspirations which your people feel very deeply about",
  (2) "The Brit have what they consider certain rights under the treaty
  and we believe that they have genuine desire to make a contribution
  Repeated to London and the Arab capitals.
  2McGhee ,revisited Cairo at the end of March as part of his tour of the
  Eastern and South Asian regions discussed in editorial note, p. 49.

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