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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1951. The Near East and Africa

The Near and Middle East: multilateral relations,   pp. 1-342 PDF (132.2 MB)

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                          AND SECURITY
A. Conclusions
  1. The tripartite declaration has proved a useful stabilizing factor
in the Near East. The declaration was handicapped initially by the
inference given through the mechanics of its issuance that the three
powers were creating new areas of influence. However, it has acquired
more prestige with time, particularly as a result of United States and
United Nations collective action in Korea.
  2. The declaration is handicapped, although it may in other ways
be helped, by inclusion of the French.
   3. The Near Eastern states have shown a tendency to raise the
 question of application of the declaration in connection with minor
 and irrelevant matters, most of which fall within the competence of
 the Mixed Armistice Commissions.'0
   4. The proposed new program for United States-United Kingdom
 military cooperation with the Arab states and Israel, and for United
 States arms supply thereto, could be presented as flowing logically
 from the purposes of the declaration, and could assure the latter's
 B. Recommendations
   1. Without raising the declaration in any new light, United States
 representatives should on appropriate occasions reaffirm continued
 United States support for the declaration and our determination to
 take effective action within and without the United Nations in event
 of violation of the declaration, pointing out in this connection prompt
 United States and United Nations action in Korea.
   2. References to French participation in the declaration should be
 minimized, and accusations of creation of spheres of influence should
 be countered by statement of the facts.
    3. Although each reported infringement should be considered most
  seriously, application of the declaration to minor and irrelevant issues
  should be refused. All infringements under the competence of the
  Mixed Armistice Commissions should be promptly referred to those
  bodies, not investigated independently.
    4. In the event of reported or impending infringement, the United
  States should, in consultation with the United Kingdom and France,
  investigate the case immediately and. in the event it appears sub-
  stantiated by the facts, take immediate action in the United Nations
  along the lines of that with respect to Korea and whatever other uni-
  lateral or joint action the situation calls for.
    10 For documentation on the Mixed Armistice Commissions, see pp. 559

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