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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1951. The Near East and Africa

The Near and Middle East: multilateral relations,   pp. 1-342 PDF (132.2 MB)

Page 64

  essential information for early Commission consideration and eventual
  discussions with the Governments of Israel and the Arab states, and
  communication to the refugees at an opportune time with a view to
  encouraging their recognition of the desirability of settling in the
  Arab states. It is important to maintain as a basic principle for com-
  pensation individual property rights and individual property losses,
  even though compensation may finally be set up in the form of lump-
  sum payments under some trusteeship control.
  2. Simultaneously the Commission should pursue discussions with
  the Government of Israel with the objective of effecting complete
  settlement of blocked accounts without further delay.
  3. It should continue to seek a basis for negotiations to settle other
  outstanding questions, and to encourage such negotiations between
  Israel and the Arab states.
  4. The United States in support of the Commission should point
  out to Israel that it has the territory, and the Arabs have the refugees,
  and that concessions have to be made by Israel. Israel needs peace
  more than the Arabs do, since it is now completely dependent upon
  air and sea communications which can be completely severed in time
  of war. Consequently, Israel must in some way, through unilateral,
  partial, or overall negotiations, make substantial concessions in the
  fields of territorial adjustments or refugee repatriation.
  5. United States diplomatic representatives at their discretion
  should take advantage of appropriate occasions to encourage the
parties to enter into direct talks looking towards negotiation of final
   United Nations Relief & Works Agency for Palestine Refugees
   6. The Relief and Works Agency channel of the United Nations
should continue to be utilized for direct reintegration of the refugees,
with closely coordinated supporting effort by the Palestine Concilia-
tion Commission.
  7. On the basis of the new evidence of cooperation on the part of
the Arab states, increased efforts should be made to finance the refugee
program contemplated in the United Nations resolution, as a minimum
approach to the speedy liquidation of the problem,
  8. The multilateral grant aid program for refugee reintegration
should be supplemented by and coordinated with economic develop-
ment projects financed by local Government funds, loans, the pro-
posed new program of United States grant aid and any other outside
aid available.
  9. The Relief and Works Agency should, both in administration
of relief and integration programs, rely to the maximum extent possi-
ble on the lOcal governments.

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