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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1951. The Near East and Africa

The Near and Middle East: multilateral relations,   pp. 1-342 PDF (132.2 MB)

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  (a) Through adherence by Turkey and Greece to NATO,5 either
      (1) As a separate regional grouping, or
      (2) Directly;
  (b) Through bilateral arrangements between the United States and
Turkey, and the United States and Greece;
  (c) Through a multilateral arrangement among the United States,
United Kingdom, Turkey, and Greece;
  (d) Through some other plan which, taking into account the com-
plex political, military, and administrative problems involved, would
still accomplish the purpose of bilateral security undertakings as be-
tween the United States and Greece and Turkey, having always in
mind the factor of urgency.
  Moreover, if it should be deemed urgently essential to the security
of the United States that a military commitment be obtained from
Turkey before the normal processes for its accession to the NATO
could be accomplished, it was recommended that the Departments of
State and Defense consider such steps as might legally be taken to
that end.
  2. It was further recommended that Greece, for military planning
purposes, be considered as belonging to a Western or Mediterranean
region rather than to the Middle East; that it continue to receive mili-
tary aid substantially as at present, with necessary supporting eco-
nomic aid; and that it be encouraged to seek appropriate arrangements
for military cooperation with Yugoslavia and Turkey.
  3. Turkey should be considered as having a dual interest in the
Mediterranean and the Middle East regions; conversely, plans for
both Mediterranean and Middle Eastern defense should take Turkey
into consideration; and Turkey's military strength should be increased
as an independent operation as a matter of urgency, through the ex-
tension of appropriately increased military aid and economic support
for the military effort.
   4. Joint staff planning with Greece and Turkey should be conducted
 within the framework of Allied Mediterranean defense planning.
 Separate Turkish-Middle Eastern defense planning should be en-
 couraged, under the principle of Turkey's dual interest in the Medi-
 terranean and the Middle East.
   5. Iran should be considered as an element of the Middle East. It
 should continue to receive military aid substantially as at present, and
 necessary economic aid, but a continuing reappraisal of the Iranian
 situation should be made, with a view to a possible increase in military
 assistance in the light of changing circumstances. In addition, the
 possibility of Pakistani support for Iran should be explored. Pro-
 viding such exploration warrants further action, steps should be taken
 to endeavor to assure Pakistani support, in the event that Iran is at-
 5 o documentation on the adherence of Greece and Turkey to NATO, see
 vol. ixn, pt. 1, pp. 460 if.

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