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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1951. The Near East and Africa

List of persons,   pp. XV-XXXI ff. PDF (7.6 MB)


Cameron, Warde M., Assistant Legal Adviser for Administration and Foreigni
     Service, Department of State.
 Campbell, John C., Officer in Charge of Balkan Affairs, Department of State.
 Cannelloupoulos. See Kanellopoulos.
 Cannon, Cavendish W., Minister in Syria.
 Cardozo, Michael H., Assistant Legal Adviser for Economic Affairs, Department
     of State.
 Carney, Admiral Robert B., USN, Commander in Chief United States Navid
     Forces Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean.
 Cams, Colonel Edwin H. J., USA, Deputy Secretary, Joint Chiefs of Staff.
 Casablanca, Marcel, Head of the French Section of the Tunisian Grand Council.
 Case, John C., Vice President and Director, Socony-Vacuum Oil Company, Inc.
 Cassell, C. Abayomi, Liberian Attorney General.
 Chapman, Alec, Washington Representative, Arabian-American Oil Company.
 Charles, Sir Noel Hughes Havelock, British Ambassador to Turkey.
 Chenik, Sidi Mohamed, Tunisian Prime Minister.
 Cher'me Bey, Ismail, Commander of the Egyptian Frontier; Egyptian Govern-
     ment Liaison Officer with UNRWA.
 Childs, Archie W., Consul General at Lagos, Nigeria, from April 1951.
 Childs, J. Rives, Ambassador to Ethiopia, from May 14, 1951.
 Churchill, Winston Leonard Spencer, Leader of the Conservative Party in
     British House of Commons until October 1951; Prime Minister and First
     Lord of the Treasury, from October 26,1951.
 Clapp, Gordon R., Chairman, of the United Nations Economic Survey Mission
     for the Middle East, 1949.
 Clark, Harlan B., Officer in Charge of Lebanon-Syria-Iraq Affairs, Department
     State, from October 1949; First Secretary and Consul of the Legation
     Syria, from March 1951.
 Clark, Lewis, United States Representative on the United Nations Advisory
     Council for Libya, with the personal rank of Ambassador.
 Cochran, H. Merrill, Ambassador to Indonesia.
 Coe, Robert D., Office of British Commonwealth and Northern European Affairs,
     Department of State.
 Collins, General J. Lawton, USA, Chief of Staff, United States Army.
 Comay, Michael, Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
 Connally, Tom, Democratic Senator from Texas and Chairman of the Senate
     Committee on Foreign Relations.
Connelly, Bernard C., First Secretary of the Embassy in the Union of South
 Conrad. William E. F., Office of Greek, Turkish, and Iranian Affairs, Department
    of State.
 Contee, Lieutenant Colonel Raymond E., USA, Menlber of the United States
    tary Training Mission In Liberia.
Cordier, Andrew W., Executive Secretary to the Secretary-General of the United
Coulson, J. E., United Kingdom Alternate Represefitative at the United Nations.
Crawford, Boyd, Staff Administrator and Committee Clerk, House Foreign Affairs
Crocker, Edward S., Ambassador to Iraq.
Crowe, Smith N., Jr., Office of the Legal Adviser, Department of State.
Cyr, Leo G., Officer in Charge of Northern African Affairs, Department of
Czyzak, John J., Office of the Assistant Legal Adviser for Economic Affairs,
    Department of State.
Dafni, Reuven, Israeli Consul at Los Angeles until early 1951; thereafter,
    Officer and Spokesman, Israeli Foreign Ministry.
Daridan, Jean, Minister Counselor of the French Embassy in the United States.
Davies, Ralph K., President, American Independent Oil Company.
Davis, Rear Admiral Arthur C., USN (promoted to Vice Admiral, February 1951),
    Director, Joint Staff, Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Davis, Lieutenant Colonel John J., USA, Army Attache at the Embassy in the
    Union of South Africa.
Davis, Monnett B., Ambassador to Israel, from February 26, 1951.
Davis, Owen, First Secretary of the Australian Embassy in the United States
    until autumn 1951.
Davis, Richard H., Officer in Charge of U.S.S.R. Affairs, Office of Eastern
    pean Affairs, Department of State.
Davis, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas R., USA, Operations Division, Mediterranean
    and Middle East Branch.

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