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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1951. The United Nations; the Western Hemisphere

List of abbrevations [abbreviations] and symbols,   pp. XIII-XVIII PDF (2.1 MB)

Page XIV

CMA, Compafiia Mexicana de Avia-
  ci6n, S.A., a Mexican airline
"CMCG, Collective Measures Committee,
  United Nations
GCNUS, Comit6 Nacional de Unidad
  Sindical (National Committee for
  Trade Union Unity), in Guatemala
COAS, Council of the Organization of
  American States
COAS/OC, Council of the Organiza-
  tion of American States, Office of
  the Chairman
TJON, Office of Consular Affairs, De-
  partment of State
COPEC, Compamiia de Petroleos de
   Chile, a subsidiary of Corporaci6n
   Fomento de la Producci6n, a gov-
   ernment-owned corporation estab-
   lished in 1939 for Chilean develop-
 CP, Commercial Policy Staff, Office of
   Economic Defense and Trade Pol-
   icy, Department of State
 CPC, Combined Policy Committee
 CPSU, Communist Party of the Soviet
 CRI, Committee for Reciprocity In-
 CRO, Commonwealth Relations Office
 CSAV, (ompaila Sudamericana de
   Vapores (South American Steam-
   ship Company), in Chile
 CTAL, Confederaci6on do Trabaja-
   dores de America Latina (Confed-
   eration of Latin American Workers)
 CTC, Confederaci6n de Trabajadores
   do  Colombia   (Confederation of
   Workers of Colombia)
 CTE, Confederacl6n de Trabajadores
   del Ecuador    (Confederation of
   Workers of Ecuador
 CTG, Confederaci6n do Trabajadores
   de Guatemala (Confederation of
   Workers, of Guatemala)
 C.U.T., Comit6 de lUnit6 Togolaise
   (Committee for Togolese Unity)
 CZ, Canal Zone
 D, member of the Democratic Party
   in the United States
 DE (D-E), destroyer escort
 del, delegate; delegation
Depcirgram, Department of State cir-
  cular airgram
Depcirtel, Department of State circu-
  lar telegram
Depgam, Department of State air-
Dept, Department (usually the De-
  partment of State)
Deptel, Department of State telegram
D.O., Defense Order
DOD, Department of Defense
Delga, series indicator for telegrams
  from the United States Delegation
  at the United Nations General As-
DPA,, Defense Production Adminis-
DRA, Division of Research for Ameri-
  can Republics, Department of State
DSDel, Department of State Delega-
E, Assistant Secretary of State for
  Economic Affairs
EAS, Executive Agreement Series
ECA, Economic Cooperation Adminis-
ECAFE, Economic Commission for
  Asia and the Far East
ECLA, Economic Commission for Lat-
  in America
ECOSOC, Economic and Social Coun-
  cil of the United Nations
ED, Investment and Economic De-
  velopment Staff, Office of Financial
  and Development Policy, Depart-
  ment of State
Emb, Embassy
Embdesp, Embassy despatch
EmbOff, Embassy officer
Embtel (Emtel), Embassy telegram
ENDESA, Empresa Nacional de Mlee-
  tricidad, a subsidiary of Corpora-
  ci.6n de Fomento de la Produccidn,
  a   government-owned  corporation
  established in 1939 for Chilean de-
  ER, Economic Resources and Security
  Staff, Office of International Trade
  Policy, Department of State
  ERP, European Recovery Program
  ESA, Economic Stabilization Agency

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