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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1949. The Far East: China

Problems of United States Consulates in areas occupied by the Chinese Communists,   pp. 933-1302 PDF (141.9 MB)

Page 940

Mukden. and Tientsin and our expectation that communications will
be restored forthwith. We may not get anywhere with such argu-
ments, but at least we will not be condoning even temporary suspen-
sion communication facilities in contravention international practice.
  Sent Department; repeated Nanking 72, Shanghai 44.
125.6336/2--2449: Telegram
The Consul General at Peiping (Clubb) to the Secretary of State
                               PEIPING, February 24, 1949-noon.
                               [Received February 24-2:"50 a. m.]
  285. This office would favor try approach Communists Peiping re-
garding Mukden case although would note that as Department will
appreciate from recent communications, situation regarding local con-
tacts very difficult. Believe Hong Kong channel should-also be used.
Would try approach matter directly and indirectly by letter and
orally,; feel nil could be lost by attemptedddmarche.
  Would recommend that now be omitted from communication-any
threat withdraw Consulate from Mukden which .possibly what Com-
munists (and especially Soviets)-want" but would instead stress estab-
lished rights courtesies which receive general recognition international
law and practice spite political change; and fact that ."recognition"'
of [or] "nonrecognition" has nil do with case; Consulate being
marily concerned protect their citizens and perform certain other well-
recognized functions which without reference overall political
  ReEmbtel 437, February 21 to Department,'9 would report there,
has been growing restlessness likewise among foreign correspondents
Peipingin face increasing rumors Mukden situation. Peiping corre-
spondents, however, feel under restraints toward caution not now ex-
perienced National China.
  Sent Department; repeated Nanking.
                .. ..."  .... :CLUBB
125.6336/2-2549: Telegram
The .Consul General at Shanghai (Cabot) to the Secretary of State
                             SHANGHAI, February 25, 1949-1 p. m.
                               [Received February 25-3':25 a.'in.]
  -665. I heartily concur Clark's 44, February 23, 5 p.'in.20 It Seems
to me evident we can secure respect for our Consulates in Communist-
  '9Not printed.
  2o0am as Cantel No. 716 from Canton, p. 939.

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